Post image for Enhancements to New Mail and Scanned Mail Email Notifications

As part of our continual process to improve our system and site usability, we’ve enhanced email notifications for new mail and new scans to be smarter and easier.

The price of shipping packages has skyrocketed over the years, with the cost of ground shipping for both FedEx and UPS having grown 79.2% and air shipments 95.5% over the past decade, according to Lojistic, a transportation software vendor. A couple years ago, USPS increased their Priority Mail prices by about 25%. As [...]

On April 7, 2014 a vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) was discovered in the widely-used OpenSSL cryptography library that powers a vast majority of web sites around the world. This library is used to maintain security and privacy for users’ data and information transmitted across the network.
The vulnerability is known as Heartbleed and would allow an [...]

Post image for VPM Newsletter – May 2010

In this May installment of the VPM customer newsletter, read about the performance improvements we’ve made to our image processing and also our improved email integration which allows you to preview new postal mail directly inside your email.

@ sign, courtesy of Horia Varlan

We’re very excited to announce that you no longer need to log into your Virtual Post Mailbox to view new mail. With our improved email integration, you can now see new incoming postal mail right inside your email inbox quickly and securely.

Post image for VPM Newsletter – April 2010

In this April installment of the VPM customer newsletter, check out our new Check Deposit Service that allows you to deposit checks received in your Virtual Post Mailbox. Also, a new Smart Address Tag has been introduced to help process incoming bundled mail. Finally, take a sneak peek at what’s to come in May.

Check Deposit, courtesy of pheaber

We’re excited to announce that you can now deposit checks received in your online postal mailbox without having to deposit them yourself. Virtual Post Mail Check Deposit Service (CDS) will do all the legwork for you and help save you time, money, and gas. Here’s a quick overview about how it works.

OCR, Courtesy of I Love Data

Making PDF files searchable is one of the core building blocks to making your online postal mailbox even better. Today, we’re excited to announce that the postal mail PDF files you download from your mailbox are now searchable! You can now store all your downloaded PDF files on your computer and search through them like you would a normal Microsoft Word document. Let’s look at how you can take advantage of this functionality.

Post image for VPM Newsletter – March 2010

In this March installment of the VPM customer newsletter, check out our new billing system, the new payment option available to you, and the introduction of the new OCR feature for your mail PDF files.

Post image for VPM Newsletter – February 2010

In this installment of the VPM customer newsletter, check out the new promotions offered to new and existing customers, the newly launched California Registered Agent Service, and keeping up-to-date on our progress through social media channels.