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Mailbox, Locations, Postal Address, Etc.

What locations do you have available? What is the location address?

We only have one location in Los Angeles county. The full location address is available on the first page of sign up. For customer privacy, we do not actively promote nor display our location addresses on the web site.

What will my mailbox address look like?

When you sign up, you will get your own mailbox number that will make your address look like a office suite. For example, if your mailbox number is 7890 at the following fictitious address, then your address will be:

  • Kelly Taylor
  • 111 Some Street #7890
  • Los Angeles, CA 91789

This is an example address used for illustrative purposes. It is NOT our location address.

Some places do not allow me to use # sign in the mailing address. Are there other formats for the address?

Yes, you can do it in any way that you like as long as the location address and the mailbox number appears somewhere on the mailing address. You can split the mailing address into two lines:

  • 111 Some Street
  • #7890

You can also use “Unit” or “PMB” or leave the prefix blank (ie. “7890″) in place of the “#”. You can also put your mailbox number in the field where it asks you for the suite or apartment number.

This is an example address used for illustrative purposes. It is NOT our location address.

Can I use Los Angeles as the city name instead of Walnut? Will mail still get delivered properly if I use it?

UPDATE 2015-03-17: We want to re-iterate that we do NOT recommend that you use Los Angeles as the city for your mailbox. As of today, we want you to know that you should not use Los Angeles for any purpose. Please do use the address given to you during sign up.

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that due to the recent changes in how USPS processes and sorts mail, we do not recommend that you use Los Angeles as the city. Please make sure to use the address given to you. Note that we are in the Los Angeles County so we are still considered part of the greater Los Angeles area.

You can use Los Angeles as the city, but only in specific situations. Generally, as long as you have the right postal code and postal mail barcode, mail will get delivered to us properly. This is usually great for business cards or when showing your address on your web site.

We do NOT recommend or encourage the use of this for receiving real mail, especially bills, statements, or checks. Also, note that if you are using your mailbox address as a shipping address when ordering products online, you may notice that many e-commerce sites will verify your address and match the city name with the postal code. Our general recommendation is that unless you have a specific need for it and it’s mainly used for display purposes, you should use the formal address given to you by us.

Is your location address a PO Box address?

No, our location is a physical office and has a real street address, which gives you more benefits than a PO Box:

  • Our address looks more professional (see above for address format). A PO Box address doesn’t look good on a business card.
  • You can receive mail and packages from all couriers. A PO Box will only allow you to receive parcels from USPS only.
  • A PO Box requires you to get out of bed, put on clothes, get in the car, and drive to the post office. With our mailbox, car, driving, and clothing are optional. And you can technically view your mail on your bed as well.

Do you have other locations? Do you plan to open a location in xxxx city?

We do not have other locations at the moment. We do have plans to open new locations in the future but there are no time lines set.

Can I forward only certain mail? I don’t want to forward all my mail to you.

You are not required to forward all your mail to your new Virtual Post Mailbox. If this is the case, do not file the Change of Address with the USPS. Instead, update your mailing address with anyone who you want mail sent to your new mailbox. In this way, you can use your mailbox for only particular purposes.

I am using the address as my domain registrant address in the WHOIS record. Will I get a bunch of junk mail because of this?

Using your VPM mailbox address for your WHOIS contact information helps to protect your privacy by not using your home address. You may be concerned that people may mail you a bunch of junk mail since it’s public information. From our experience, this is not the case. You will rarely get any mail that comes from your domain record information. So there is no need to worry.

Can I update or remove recipients from my mailbox?

Removing recipients is allowed but it must be approved by our staff. We may restrict this if we detect abuse and frequent changes to the list.

To update recipients, add the new recipient first. To remove recipients, send an email to Customer Support and indicate the recipient name you wish to remove.

What is considered a recipient? Do I need to register every name I receive mail for? What if I don’t?

Recipients are names you receive mail under. Recipients are used to induct your mail to the right mailbox, especially when incoming mail does not contain a mailbox number.

Generally, if a mail piece contains the mailbox number but the recipient name does not exist in our database, we will let it through.

However, when mail comes in without a mailbox number and we are unable to find a partial unique match of the name in our system, we will return the mail to sender. Because of this, we do suggest that you add each name as a recipient to prevent mail from getting returned to sender. If you happen to have a fairly unique last name, then you may not need to register every single member of your family.

For business recipients, we recommend you always register them to your mailbox.

When I update my mailing address on Bank of America’s site, it says that my mailbox address is invalid, removing my mailbox number from the mailing address. How do I get them to use my mailbox number in the address?

For some reason, Bank of America does not allow you to enter your mailbox number for the address on their website. This is a validation issue on their side.

In order to update the mailing address with the mailbox number, our customers have reported that the best way is to call them and update the address directly over the phone.

I can’t log into my account, can you help me access it?

As long as your account is active, you should be able to access your account without any issue.

If you’ are unable to login, please use the password reset function, available via the login page, to retrieve your username and reset your password. On the page where you reset your password, you will see your username in bold.

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