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May 25, 2010

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We’re very excited to announce that you no longer need to log into your Virtual Post Mailbox to view new mail. With our improved email integration, you can now see new incoming postal mail right inside your email inbox quickly and securely. Read on to see what we’ve done.

Postal Mail Preview in Email

Previously, whenever you receive new mail, an email notification is sent so you can come online to check your postal mail. Finding pleasant surprises in your mailbox is a great feeling, but it’s also a little inconvenient at times. This is especially true if you happen to be on the road and have access only to a smartphone browser. In such situations, logging into your Virtual Post Mailbox is either not possible or troublesome.

To help you get access to your mail faster and easier, we’ve added image previews right inside the email notification so you can quickly see if there is any important mail worthy of your immediate attention.

Convenience with Security

There’s no need to sacrifice security for convenience. To protect your privacy, the links to these preview images are set to expire after 30 days from the notification date. You can still view your mail online through our web site after 30 days. So even if your email is compromised, you can be assured that no one will have access to it after 30 days.

Postal Mail Preview Available Now

Postal mail preview is available now and is free to all users. If you’ve received any email notifications recently, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve already secretly switched to the new format since last week.

We’re very interested in hearing your feedback and how else we can improve this to save even more of your time. Write us!

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