VPM Newsletter – May 2010

May 26, 2010

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Dear VPM Community,

In this May installment of the VPM customer newsletter, read about the performance improvements we’ve made to our image processing and also our improved email integration which allows you to preview new postal mail directly inside your email.

News and Announcements

To keep you up-to-date, here are the latest news and announcements from VPM.

Improved Image Loading Performance

Thank to your warm support, our growth over the past quarter has been phenomenal. Because of this, we’ve noticed a slowdown in our image loading system. Our tech team has been hard at work over the past couple months to deliver you an entirely new image management system that processes and loads your mail images faster.

This new system has been running in production over the past week. You should notice a dramatic speed increase in how scanned mail pages are loaded. There are still a few minor performance tweaks we’re working on, so expect even more speed improvements over this upcoming month.

This system is a major milestone for us as it provides the core foundation for us to deliver postal mail to you in exciting new ways that were not possible before, such as the one below.

View Postal Mail in Your Email

(If you use a smartphone to check your email, you’ll love this.)

If you’ve recently received new mail, you may have noticed something fresh and different with our notification emails. As part of our first steps in improving email integration, we’ve enhanced our notification emails to include image previews of your new incoming mail and packages.

With Postal Mail Preview, you can see exactly what mail has arrived in your mailbox without having to log into your Virtual Post Mailbox. It uses our new image management system not only to deliver you faster image loading, but also to secure those images in your email. Read more on how Postal Mail Preview gives you convenience without sacrificing security.

Using Your Mailbox

Did you know that your mailbox comes with great features and awesome support?

Switch Your Mail Forwarding Service Without Losing Mail

Some of you switched from other mail forwarding services and asked us how best to migrate your mail. We’ve written an article to help make your transition smooth and painless.

Deposit Checks Without Going to the Bank

If you get checks in your Virtual Post Mailbox, you can have them deposited without having to forward it and heading to the bank yourself. Save time, gas, and money by having us do it for you.

Free California Registered Agent Service For Your Corporation / LLC

Every Corporation and LLC needs a registered agent in the state your incorporate. Learn how you can use us as your certified California Registered Agent. Why pay extra to have this service when you can get it for free with your mailbox?

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