Online Postal Mailbox. Anytime. Anywhere.

Virtual Post Mail gives you a permanent street address to receive postal mail. The unopened envelopes are scanned so you can see your mail online. You then decide whether to have the mail opened and scanned, forwarded, or trashed. Managing your postal mail online is so easy, you’ll never want to handle mail the traditional way again.

Service Highlights

Virtual Post Mail offers amazing service features that’s made to fit the way you live.

Awesomely Fast Processing – New incoming mail is processed and immediately available the same day. All mail content scanning requests are processed within 6 business hours, though legend has told stories of requests being inhumanly processed within minutes.

Real Street Address – Own a mailbox with a real street address you can use almost anywhere, even in places where PO Box addresses are not accepted. Plus, it looks good on your web site or business cards too. Beauty and function in one convenient address.

Receive Anything – Receive mail and packages from all couriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. In general, anything you send us, we’ll take. But do please use us responsibly.

Access Anywhere – Access your mail from anywhere in the world with just a browser and an Internet connection. No extra software to download or install. Better smart phone support coming soon!

Preview Mail in Email – Not only do you get an email notification when you receive new mail, you get to preview your postal mail directly inside the email without having to log into your mailbox online. Perfect when the only way to connect is through email.

Easy to Remember Mailbox Number – Virtual Post Mail always lets you choose your own mailbox number that’s easy for you to remember. Stand up and say no to being just another number assigned to you by the system.

High Quality Scans – With all scans performed at 200+ DPI and in color, your documents will look great on both screen and paper. And seriously, who still scans in black & white in this day and age?

Easy to use – View and manage your mail in a user-friendly interface. Skim through your mail pieces or enlarge it to read the text up close. Download your scanned mail pages as a PDF file or print them out in hi-res. All is possible with your Virtual Post Mailbox.

Searchable PDFs – All scanned mail images are run through our character recognition system so that page text is instantly searchable on your computer. No need to look through each file just to find the document you need.

Additional Information