So Many Ways To Use Your Mailbox

Virtual Post Mail is made to go where life takes you. Here are just some ways others are using their mailboxes to fulfill their life goals and dreams.

Travel the World

Never miss your mail even if you’re far away from home. Get your mail while enjoying your life living in an RV, sailing the 7 seas on a boat, or performing research on Antarctica.

Work Abroad

People who work overseas or on the sea can now receive mail without having to bother family or friends. So go ahead and take that job on the tropical island you’ve always dreamed about. There’s no better way to mix work and fun together.

Establish US Presence

Your professional address increases confidence and trust from your customers. Proudly share your virtual post address with your customers whether you run a home business or work overseas as a freelancer. Your good looks won’t be the only thing they’ll notice!

Purchase US Goods

Many US merchants do not ship internationally for various reasons, so it’s difficult for those living outside of the US to get great products and deals. But that’s no longer a problem when you have a mailbox with us. You can buy and ship your products to your US-based mailbox address and then have it forwarded at an affordable price.

Go Green and Paperless

With Virtual Post Mail, every scanned mail piece is a digital copy of your physical document. You can make your entire home or office virtually paperless. And searching through files is going to take a lot less time than sifting through paper. So not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, you’re making your life easier and more organized!

Other Ways To Use Your Mailbox