VirtualPostMail New Mail Management Site Officially Launched!

After soft launching our new mail management site a little over a year ago, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the site today. The new site is built from the ground up and fully redesigned to give you the best experience using the most modern web technology. What does this mean for you? Only more new and awesome features to help manage your mail faster and easier!

We also know changes can be uncomfortable and intimidating due to the drastic differences between the two sites. To help you get up to speed faster, we want to highlight some of the major differences them. Let’s get started!

How it Works

The Inbox will still be your first view once you sign into your account.  However, we have merged the original Mail Post section with the Inbox and now show them all under one single screen.

Post section with the Inbox

We also give you two different ways to view your mail. The Grid View, which you see above, shows you mail in columns and rows. The List View, on the other hand, shows one mail per row. You can switch between the two views depending on which is easier and faster for you to run through the mail images.


Have you added items you want to ship, which then shows up in the Ready to Ship queue in the Ship Post section? You will now find those items in the new Shipping Cart located in the upper right hand corner. Once you click on the truck icon, your Shipping Cart will appear. For step by step instructions on how it works, please check out our guide to creating a shipping request.


In the past, you were able to store all the mail pieces you intended to ship in the Shipping Cart and then create separate shipments for different items. This is no longer the case in the new version. You can only create one shipment for all items currently in the shipping cart. But don’t fret. We have added new organizational tools to help you keep track of your important mail items. Tag your important mail items with a star so you can come back to it quickly to perform actions on them!

organizational tools to help you keep track of your important mail items

Once you add a star to your item, you will find all your starred items in the Starred folder.

Starred folder

Shipment History

Once you create your shipment, you will now find both your pending shipments and past shipping history consolidated into one area. To access this, simply click on My Account → My Shipments. Easy peasy.

Shipment History

Want To Know More About Our Platform?

We will be walking you through our platform so you can see what you can do once you have signed up for a mailbox account with us!

You will be able to easily see all your mail information such as who the item is from, where it originated, and when it was received. Then you decide on the action you want to take.

We will show you how you can open and scan mail, forward mail, shred mail and recycle mail via archive and trash mail, and learn about other features such as check depositing and more as well.


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