4 Reasons to Get an Online Postal Mailbox

A traditional PO Box from the Post Office is a cost-effective option when you want to protect your privacy and receive mail. However, there are certain needs that a postal box cannot fulfill. This is where online postal mailboxes come to the rescue. An Online Postal Mailbox, also known as an online PO Box or Virtual Post Mailbox, comes with all the features you get with a traditional post office box and more.

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1. Easy Access to Your Mail Online

With an online postal mailbox, your mail is scanned and put online for you to view directly inside your favorite web browser. This is extremely useful for those who travel frequently, live or work overseas, or need an US address either for personal or business use.

Unlike a post office box, you can access your mail online from anywhere, at anytime, without having to physically drive to the post office. Once you see your mail, you decide what you want to do with it.

  • If you're in a hurry to read the mail, have it opened and scanned.
  • If it's sensitive material, forward it.
  • If it's junk mail, trash it.

You will never pay extra shipping fees to forward unwanted mail. Plus, if you have your mail content scanned, you get a digital copy of any important document you can archive forever.

2. Professional Address Gives Professional Image

Virtual Post Mail owns commercial locations, which means your mailbox address is actually a real commercial street address. Compare the two addresses:


Real Street Address
Purely Virtual Company
1234 Lincoln Blvd #5555
Los Angeles, CA 90000


PO Box Address
Joe Smith Company
PO Box 5555
Los Angeles, CA 90000


A prestigious street address creates a professional image for your business. This is beneficial for Home or Small Businesses because it builds trust and confidence with your customers. And it looks great on business cards too!

3. Receive Mail and Packages from All Couriers

One of the primary handicaps to using a PO Box is that you can only receive mail delivered through USPS. No FedEx or UPS.

But couriers do deliver to mailboxes with a street address. This means you can accept mail and packages from ALL couriers. In addition, someone will be available to sign for your parcels. You'll rest better knowing that your package is not sitting on your porch, inviting itself to be taken hostage.

4. Mail and Package Forwarding

Forwarding mail and packages from a PO Box is actually not cheap. USPS charges extra to perform this service for you. They will bulk forward your mail, including junk mail and mail for previous mailbox owners. And USPS won't be happy if your mailbox overflows.

Virtual Post Mail relieves you of all these worries. Your online postal mailbox will never overflow. Your mail and packages are securely stored until you forward them. When you want to forward your mail, you pay competitive rates. Best of all - no junk mail forwarding! You only forward what you want.

Virtual Post Mail gives you much more than what's mentioned above, such as picking your own 4-digit mailbox number that's easy to remember, Smart Address Tags, and automatic new mail notification. All these features are bundled into distinct plans with affordable prices.

Improve the way you live with a virtual post mailbox.