4 Reasons to Choose VirtualPostMail for Your Virtual Mailbox

We, at VirtualPostMail, do more than just scan your mail and receive your packages. How we operate is what makes us different. 

While other mail services centralize their processing, which might sound great, it actually isn’t because it can lead to full disruption for processing mail. This is especially true with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our processing disruption can be localized to individual locations because of how we are structured and it can even be supplemented by moving processing to another facility if necessary.

Moreover, we are also the only virtual mailbox provider with a fully publicized contingency plan on exactly how we will respond to service disruptions whereas no other competitors have shared this. You can view our COVID-19 plan below.

Our Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Shipping Service Disruptions and Delays

Stimulus Checks for COVID-19

And since we’re talking about locations, it’s important to mention that we actually own our location so we have full control over how it is run. Also, we don’t use third party partners as many other mail services do. This means that you won’t have the risk of having your address shutdown. You won’t go through the hassle of receiving a new address and updating all your mail, only to find out that the new address will be shut down as well. 

If you’re loving what you’re hearing, here are the four main ways we are different from other virtual mailbox services. Let’s discuss more. 

1. Our Mailing Locations Are Owned By Us 

We uniquely own and operate all our mailing centers at each location (CA, NV, DE). This is important because it provides more security by taking away the multitude of steps in the delivery process to get to you. 

How it works with us is the courier gives all of your deliveries straight to our facilities and directly into the hands of one of our certified team members for processing. Compared to competitors that use third-party partners your mail and packages will go through many stops during the delivery process before it even gets into your virtual mailbox. This can result in the loss, damage, and theft of your mail and packages along the way. 

It’s also good to know that many of our competitors never handle your mail themselves. Instead, they use third-party partners like PO boxes, USPS stores, or mom and pop mailbox stores to perform their services. That is why they can have many locations in multiple cities and states.  

By owning each of our mailing locations, means you can trust that this is a long term address for you. As you move, we won’t, so you never have to update or change your mailing address ever again. Services that use third party services pose a higher risk of changing those third-party partners and your address location due to closures.

2. We Offer Real Business Addresses

A challenge for many startup businesses is that they don't have their own office space or work from home. Use our business address instead of your home address for protecting your privacy and maintaining credibility and trustworthiness to your customers, vendors, and investors. 

With our business addresses you’ll also be able to get the following perks:

Get packages from any courier including UPS, FedEx, and USPS

PO boxes only get mail from USPS, which excludes UPS or FedEx deliveries, which is a disadvantage if you want to receive mail from all couriers. Virtual mailboxes can receive mail and packages from all couriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. 

We are Accepted in more places than a PO Box address

A PO Box is usually a popular choice for startups, however, a virtual mailbox is a better option because PO boxes have many limitations. These are the disadvantages of a PO Box:

  • Not Permitted for Business Registration - If you are an LLC or a corporation you can’t use a PO Box as your principal business address.
  • Non-professional Business Image - Consumers pay attention to professionalism and credibility when they choose with whom they will do business. A PO Box will potentially raise red flags and drive away business.
  • Inconvenient - You must drive to the physical location of your PO Box and be conscious of not letting it overflow with mail and packages. In fact, your PO Box may be closed if it frequently overflows. If a piece of mail or package is too large to fit in your personal mailbox, a carrier might leave the package at your front door or lobby area, which someone can take and it's a security risk for you. The US Postal Service gives the recipient a limited number of business days to pick up a package before it is returned to the sender. This creates problems when you are unable to get to your PO Box. The USPS also states that “if the item requires a signature, a notice will be left. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, the item will be returned to the sender after the required number of business days have elapsed.” This constraint can pose a problem for important legal and time-sensitive documents and can ultimately hurt your business. It’s also worth knowing that in some cases, the senders of technological products will not deliver their products to a PO Box address. 

What's the solution?

You can use our business addresses to overcome all the above-mentioned limitations of a PO Box. Plus, you can use it for the following:

  • Driver’s license. 
  • Application for a credit card. 
  • Receiving invoices and payments from suppliers and customers.
  • Applying for loans and insurance.
  • Filing for licenses and permits.


Overall, our business addresses will allow you to have the basics of a reputable business image, protect your privacy, register your business, as well as easily receive all personal and business documents.

3. Faster Processing Times

We can process mail much faster than competitors because we operate and own our facilities. Mail goes from the courier to us, which cuts down on processing time. We don’t send it anywhere else to get processed, which can add up to another week or two before you can access your mail.

Your mail is immediately processed directly at our locations the same day or a maximum within the 1 business day of receiving it. We’ve got it down to a science, so you can immediately read and take action on all business needs. 

4. Registered Agent Services

We are the only virtual mailbox company that provides registered agent services at every location. 

All LLCs and corporations require a registered agent to be assigned who handles important legal correspondence and notifications for a business.

Our registered agent service meets the requirements for LLCs and corporations. We accept and process legal documents and offer you same-day access to any legally served documents. The registered agent service is free with any eligible plan. 

You can register as many businesses as you like with us if you have multiple companies, you can benefit from accessing your mail in one location. 

If you want to be the registered agent for your business, you can enter your home address, but that means your personal information is made public, listed against your business on the Secretary of State website. Using our address ensures your private details are kept safe.


How we operate and process your mail and packages are unmatched. We are different in the following ways:

  1. We own all our locations.
  2. We have real business addresses, no third parties.
  3. Fast processing times.
  4. Free registered agent services.

Because we own our locations you’ll never have to worry about changing your address or it shutting down, in which you'll have to find a new address. Additionally, we have more control over how things are run, which makes things safer for you because it avoids the many steps in the delivery process. This mitigates the risk of theft, loss, and damages for you.

Our business addresses will give you the privacy and credibility you’ve been looking for. You’ll receive mail and packages from all couriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. It’s accepted in more places than a PO Box. Plus, using our addresses overcomes the limitations a PO Box has such as registering your LLC or corporation. 

Another advantage of owning our locations is that we skip the middleman and partners that other virtual mailbox services go through. Your mail and packages come directly to us and in turn, we can begin processing immediately.  

Lastly, we are the only virtual mailbox company that provides registered agent services at every location. Don’t waste your time finding two separate services and just use us to act as your registered agent and receive all your mail in one place for one payment.

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We’ll always deliver to you no matter what is happening. We stay reliable so you can always access your mail online and never worry. Now that you know the many benefits of using our virtual mailbox, no need to wait, sign up for a virtual mailbox today.   

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