4 Benefits of Using Check Deposits in Your Virtual Mailbox

We're excited to announce that you can now deposit checks received in your online postal mailbox without having to deposit them yourself. VirtualPostMail Check Deposit Service (CDS) will do all the legwork for you and help save you time, money, and gas.

What Are The Benefits of a Check Deposit Service?

While you are working and traveling it is important to save time, energy, as well as get paid quicker.

VirtualPostMail Check Deposit Service offers the following benefits:

  1. Convenience - Deposit any checks received in your VirtualPostMail account without having to go to the bank.
  2. Easy - Simply setup your existing bank account to begin receiving money.
  3. Fast - Once your check deposit request is processed it is mailed out within 1 business day. You will normally receive the money within one week.
  4. Cost Effective- Pay only for the deposits you make and you can save by depositing multiple checks together.

How Check Deposit Service Works With Your Online Mailbox

The Check Deposit Service is a simple and convenient way to deposit checks you receive in your VirtualPostMail account. Checks are deposited using your bank's mail-in deposit service. Here's a quick overview of the process:

  1. You receive new mail, have it opened and scanned, and discover that there's a check inside.
  2. You submit a check deposit request to us over email.
  3. Your deposit is mailed out within 24 hours.
  4. Your bank receives and processes your deposit.
  5. You get the money in your bank account.

The entire process usually takes less than 1 week.

Using VirtualPostMail Check Deposit Service

To use the check deposit service:

  • You must have a VirtualPostMail account in good standing.
  • The mail containing the check must be opened and scanned first.
  • Your bank must support mail-in deposit.
  • The name on the check must match the name of the bank account.
  • Follow our instruction article to submit a check deposit request.

Where Are Checks Accepted?

Deposit Your Checks to Any Bank, Anywhere

You can deposit your checks anytime and in any place. It’s that easy. VirtualPostMail supports the top five national banks in the United States. In order for the check to be accepted through our check depositing service please be aware that your bank must support mail-in deposit services and the name on the check must match the name of the bank account.

  1. Bank of America
  2. Chase
  3. Citibank
  4. HSBC
  5. Wells Fargo

Why Use a Check Deposit Service?

With the new Check Deposit Service, you can now truly live and work remotely. There's no need to get your family or friends to open your mail and deposit your checks for you. Save them the hassle and save yourself time. VirtualPostMail will help you realize a truly free lifestyle without chains.

With over $137 million dollars in check amounts processed, you can rest easy knowing that we know how to take great care of your money.

Get More Than a Virtual Mailbox

VirtualPostMail Check Deposit Service is a easy, fast, and convenient way to deposit checks you receive in your VirtualPostMail account. When you receive a check in your mailbox, you can request to have it deposited into your bank account. 

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