VirtualPostMail Updates to Mail Scanning Service

As part of our continual process to improve our system and site usability, we've enhanced email notifications for new mail and new scans to be smarter and easier.

View Mail Envelope Images for Scanned Mail Notifications

Previously, email for scanned mail notifications were in text only. You wouldn't really know which mail was processed and scanned until you logged into your account. Now, we have added HTML to the email so that you can visually see which mail's content has been scanned. This gives you more context as to which mail pieces were processed so you can decide whether to login now to check or wait until later.

Reduction in Email Notifications

Many of you have told us that with the auto-scanned mail, it is not necessary to send the new mail notifications followed by a scanned mail notification. We heard you!. To help reduce email clutter, new mail notifications are no longer sent out when the your account has the "Auto scan all mail" feature enabled or the mail is addressed using the N Smart Tag. You will now only receive one single notification when your mail has been opened and scanned. With the new envelope images shown in the scanned mail notification, you will also know exactly which mail was received and scanned.

If you have the "Email PDF" feature enabled, you will still get the scanned mail notification. This is because at times, you may not receive the email with PDF attachment due to the file size limit imposed by email providers. So if your PDF file is extremely large, it cannot be sent to you. For this reason, it's still important that you receive the scanned mail notifications. But we do have plans to improve this further.

As always, improvements to our service is a major collaborative effort between you and us! We hope that you continue to provide us valuable feedback and we continue to improve our mail processing service to make your life easier and smarter!

Want To Know More About Our Platform?

We will be walking you through our platform so you can see what you can do once you have signed up for a mailbox account with us!

You will be able to easily see all your mail information such as who the item is from, where it originated, and when it was received. Then you decide on the action you want to take.

We will show you how you can open and scan mail, forward mail, shred mail and recycle mail via archive and trash mail, and learn about other features such as check depositing and more as well.


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