Manage Real Estate Remotely

Property Managers enjoy the privacy of a commercial address and the convenience of having rent checks mailed to a secure facility where they can be promptly forwarded to the bank for deposit.

Check Deposit Service

Too busy to go to the bank every day? Going on trip but need to be sure your tenant’s checks are deposited? Our check deposit service quickly processes checks to assist your cash flow.

Awesomely Fast Processing

New incoming mail is processed and immediately available the same day. All mail content scanning requests are processed within 1 business day. You’ll get notification of your tenant’s checks the same day we receive them.


Your tenants don’t need to know your home address. Protect your personal information. Use your VirtualPostMail account for anything where your commercial address is publicly available such as lease agreements, bills, websites, or eviction notices.

Ultimate Security

We’re serious about security. Similar to banks, all your data is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption level. Find out more here.


"Being tied down can be nice, but being tied down to a physical location is boring. That’s what VirtualPostMail is for. It also keeps a nice archive of all of your mail, and gives you the same security as a regular PO Box"- Christopher D.