VirtualPostMail vs. Anytime Mailbox

VirtualPostMail (VPM) owns each of its locations, providing you with a long-term address, fast access to your mail, and free registered agent services. Get consistent features with every plan and customer support to help guide you every step of the way.


Differences between VPM and Anytime Mailbox

VPM and Anytime Mailbox may look similar at first glance, but there are a few key differences that make VPM unique.

Enjoy long-term stability for your business

VPM owns and operates its own locations, which provides you a long term stability with your address, so you don't need to worry about having to change your address.

Anytime Mailbox doesn't own all their locations but licenses a software platform to independent mailbox owners. This provides less control over your business address, since these locations can change at any time depending on the mailbox store owners' financial strength.


Save time when it comes to your mail

Your mail and packages are processed and stored on-site, with each VPM location acting as a central processing center. On average, mail is available in your VPM virtual mailbox within 1 business day.

Anytime Mailbox delegates processing to each mailbox store owner. Therefore, they cannot guarantee service quality and security across all their partners.


Stay compliant with FREE registered agent service

VPM offers registered agent services at all locations. Get same-day digital access to legal documents and time-sensitive service of process. Avoid missing important deadlines while saving $100 (or more) a year.

Anytime Mailbox does not offer registered agent services.

Gain access to universal features at all locations

VPM maintains consistent services across all of its locations, ensuring that you receive the same benefits no matter which business address you choose.

Anytime Mailbox licenses its mail software to independent mailbox owners, allowing the mailbox owners to set individual pricing and services offered. This can result in inconsistent service offerings between locations, so you have to do your research and compare options before choosing the right address.


Get customer support when you need it

VPM is proud to offer an in-house customer support team that is committed to providing you with a personalized solution for any question or issue. You aren’t a ticket in a que.

Anytime Mailbox relies on the independent mailbox owners to handle customer support at each location, which may result in inconsistent or inadequate assistance.


Quick comparison of virtual mailbox features

Learn how VPM differs from Anytime Mailbox.



Anytime Mailbox

FREE registered agent

All locations

Service unavailable

Mail forwarding

checked checked

Package forwarding

checked checked

Check deposit

checked checked

Owns locations

checked unchecked

HIPAA compliance

Yes, it is available on a Business Plan and above.



A BAA can be signed by VPM at your organization's request.


Soc 2 compliant

checked unchecked