Physical business address for proof of address

TruLease provides you with a U.S. physical address backed by a lease agreement and utility bill to open financial accounts and comply with U.S. federal regulations.


Services that require proof of address

TruLease has helped hundreds of businesses start and maintain these services.


Business bank accounts


Amazon stores


Shopify payments


Merchant accounts


Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS)




What you get with TruLease

Lease agreement for a commercial office

VPM partners with commercial building owners to make it easy to rent a physical office space. You’ll sign a lease agreement that verifies you occupy an office space in the building. No credit checks. No personal guarantees.

Utility bill for additional proof of address

Request a utility bill that can be used if your bank, Amazon, or other service provider requires further proof of address. You’ll get a utility bill in the lessor’s name with the service address for the building that houses your office. The utility bill is either a power, gas, water, or Internet bill. Additional fees apply.

On-site office inspections and call verifications

Building owners and property managers will be available to verify your leased space if your bank, payment processing, or any other financial institution representative makes an on-site visit or call.


One plan, two addresses, multiple uses

TruLease comes bundled with two addresses: a physical leased address and a virtual mailbox address. Each serves a different purpose.

Leased Address

Where to use your physical business address

  • Open bank and merchant accounts
  • Maintain compliance with U.S. federal regulations
  • Show proof of address
  • Open Amazon Store
  • Setup Shopify Payments
  • Receive mail (no mail content scanning)

Mailbox Address

Where to use your virtual mailbox address

  • LLCs and Corporations formation
  • IRS tax filings
  • Marketing (business cards, websites, emails, etc.)
  • Vendors
  • Mail scanning
  • Package forwarding
  • Check deposit service

TruLease Requirements

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    Business incorporation documents or LLC Articles of Organization

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    Business EIN (Tax ID)

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    Notarized USPS Form 1583 for opening a virtual mailbox account and to verify your identity. Two IDs must accompany your form, one of which must have a photograph.

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    Document showing the individual signing the agreement is an authorized officer or manager

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    TruLease 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    You don't pay if it doesn't work

    In the event that your lease agreement is not accepted as a valid proof of address within the initial 30-day period of creating your account, you will receive a full refund and your lease agreement will be canceled without penalty. Certain restrictions apply.

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