Check Deposit Service

Deposit check payments to U.S. banks from anywhere

Deposit any checks received in your mailbox without going to the bank. Pay per deposit with no setup or monthly fees.


Check deposit features


Accept check payments from U.S. customers

Deposit checks to any U.S. bank that accepts mail-in deposits, including traditional banks, online institutions with no physical locations, and even brokerage firms.


Deposit checks fast. Get paid faster.

Check deposit requests are processed and mailed out within 1 business day. Funds are usually processed by your bank within a week. Use express shipping to get paid even sooner.


Pay only for the checks you deposit

No minimum commitments, monthly fees, or setup costs. Pay only for the deposits you make. Deposit multiple checks together for even greater savings!


How check deposit service works


Have your mail opened and scanned so you can confirm that there are checks inside.


Submit a check deposit request.


VPM extracts the checks and endorses them with “For Deposit Only” along with your bank account number.


Your checks are usually mailed out within 1 business day in an envelope along with a printed deposit slip.


Your bank receives the checks and deposits the funds into your bank account.


Service Requirements

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    You must have a VPM account that is in good standing.

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    Your bank must support mail-in deposit.

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    The name on the check must match the name of the bank account.

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    Follow our instruction article to submit a check deposit request.

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    How deposits are billed

    Per deposit request

    You’ll pay a base service fee for every deposit processed. Each deposit can contain multiple checks for one bank account. Deposits to different bank accounts are counted separately.

    Number of checks

    The first check is FREE and included in the deposit fee. After that, there will be extra fees for every check you deposit.

    Shipping method

    By default, your checks will be delivered by USPS First Class with tracking. If you want to use other delivery options (such as Priority Mail, Express Mail), additional charges will apply.

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