Registered Agent Services

Business compliance without the hassle

As your registered agent, VPM will receive service of process, legal notices, and other important state correspondences on your behalf. Avoid missing an important delivery or deadline again. Included FREE with all virtual mailbox plans.


Legally required

Avoid penalties for not having a registered agent in most states and keep your business in good standing.


Free up your time

Being a registered agent can feel like a full-time job. The VPM team is available Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 so you don't have to be.


Add a layer of privacy

VPM's registered agent will go on record with the state as the registered agent–not you. So if you're sued, you're less likely to bear the burden of getting court papers at home.


Same day access to served documents

No more waiting for documents to be physically shipped to you. All legal documents served are scanned and available online the same day they are received so you have more time to respond.


Real-time notifications for important matters

Get receipts of official documents and don't miss annual reports, taxes, and litigation filing deadlines. Consult with business professionals and respond to time-sensitive items fast.


Easy online record keeping

All forwarded documents are scanned and stored as PDF files on the cloud. You’ll be able to find and organize all of your legal documents for future reference.


Why use VPM’s registered agent

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    FREE registered agent service

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    Official point of contact for your business

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    Real-time email alerts

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    Unlimited data storage for all business documents

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    24/7 online access to all documentation

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    I have been using VirtualPostMail for a 5-6 years now. I'm impressed with their service and everything they do, they do it very well. I get debit cards, checks, gifts.. and I've had no problems ever. Do not hesitate, sign up today.


    12+ years of dedication

    VPM’s commitment to helping remote businesses

    VPM’s mission has always been to support entrepreneurs – the game changers, the world shakers, and the magic makers.

    VPM is committed to offering tools and resources to help you start and run your remote business, including FREE registered agent services for as long as you’re a customer.

    Combine your business address with your registered agent services to save over $100 a year. Get two services for the price of one!

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    How to get started


    Sign up for a virtual mailbox. Your mailbox must be located in the same state where registered agent service is needed.


    Add your business as a recipient to your mailbox account. The business name must match the one that is registered with the State.


    Follow our instructions to designate VPM as your registered agent.


    Free registered agent services with any virtual mailbox plan

    Save $100 or more a year.

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