VPM for Travelers

Stay connected while you’re on the go

Read your U.S. postal mail online through a virtual mailbox, accessible from any device with an internet connection. Enjoy the benefits of a stable, long-term business address and have packages forwarded to your location anywhere in the world.


Put a stop to stolen mail while you're away

Receive 60 days of FREE storage for your physical mail at our secure facilities, with long term storage available by request.

Reduce travel headaches

Worry-free travel is here

Make instant decisions about your mail without dealing with the hassle of physical documents. No need to worry about extending your mail hold with the post office or tracking down friends and family for important packages.

Take care of important bills and documents on time

Rest assured that with 24/7 access to your virtual mailbox, you won't stress about missing important bills or other time-sensitive documents.

Deposit U.S. checks from anywhere, anytime

Get paid fast

Deposit your checks hassle-free, right from your device, and pay only for the deposits you make.

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Forgot something while packing?

Traveling light? Consider picking up the items you need as you explore. Have your favorite brands from the U.S. mailed directly to you.

Find peace of mind with top-notch security

Protect your mail data

Your personal data is secured with bank-level encryption and stored in 24/7 monitored, locked mailing facilities.

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I am a person who travels a lot, and keeping a eye on my physical mails is not a easy task for me, but with the help of VirtualPostMail I have digitized my physical mail, they scan your mail and send it to you, where you can download from any part of the world. It helped me in paying my bills on time, and if I want to send a physical mail to someone they will do it on your behalf.


Freedom is just a few taps away

Stay connected, receive important mail, and maintain a professional presence while working remotely across the globe, all while keeping your personal information protected.

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