VPM for Digital Nomads

Take your business anywhere

As a digital nomad, a virtual mailbox gives you the freedom to travel and work remotely while staying connected.


Stability in your ever-changing world

With a virtual mailbox, you'll gain a reliable long-term address, reducing the need for frequent address changes. Regardless of where you're traveling, you can count on your address remaining a constant.


How to use VPM as a digital nomad




Driver's License





Credit cards

Get TruResidence + Mail

Get a U.S. home address in a prestigious condominium tower to help you receive personal mail and maintain personal accounts. Get an optional lease agreement when needed. Rest assured knowing your mail and packages are protected every step of the way, from arrival to processing at the VPM facility. Safeguard your personal information with VPM's advanced security measures for processing and storing your mail.

Obtain Your Home Address

Stay connected

Conveniently manage your mail with just a few taps on your phone. Got a letter? Open it remotely. Need to shred it? Tap the button and let VPM take care of the rest. Forward your credit card to your doorstep? Be there in a few days. Your mailbox’s new motto? Tap, tap, done.


Shop online to get the brands you love forwarded right to you, anywhere in the world.


Stay on top of business communications from clients and customers without worrying about time zone differences.


Keep your mail and business information private. No one, not even your friends and family, need to know what you’re up to.

Save time and get paid faster

Have checks from clients deposited into your bank account without ever taking a step inside a bank. Simply submit a check deposit request, and watch the money hit your account—all digitally. It’s that easy.


I am traveling abroad for 6 months. I needed a mail service for my business. I have been using these guys for about 3 months. So far it has been great. I get emails of my scanned mail. They just deposited a check for me too. Overall, very happy.


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