VPM for Professionals

Secure your remote practice from home or office

Digitize your business documents with a virtual mailbox for added convenience, protection, and privacy. Organize years of paperwork and enhance your professional image with a business address, all while keeping your personal information confidential.


Keep your client documents safe

With bank-level encryption and HIPAA-compliant operations, a virtual mailbox can offer you an additional level of protection. That means your online data and physical mail are secure and protected. VPM will also sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your organization upon request.

Safeguard the privacy of your data

A virtual mailbox is your best defense against prying eyes

Protect your personal information by using your virtual mailbox address instead of your home address for all business purposes, including customer communications and LLC formation. Feel safe knowing that your home address isn't listed on public documents.

Explore security measures

Get your virtual mailbox to work for you while you work on your business

Maximize your productivity with a virtual mailbox, your ultimate assistant for organizing client communications and accessing time-sensitive legal and compliance matters. Streamline your business operations by storing important documents in a secure, paperless cloud-based office while filtering out unwanted junk mail.

Find your important documents fast

Save time with searchable documents

All scanned mail is stored in OCR’ed and searchable PDF files so you can find the documents using keywords. No need to sift through years of cartons of paper looking for a specific document.

Make your business look professional

Professionalism starts with a business address, not your home or PO Box. VPM business addresses are tied to real professional commercial offices to make your business look credible in your clients’ eyes.

Get paid by U.S. customers

Receive payments quickly

Save time by submitting your deposit request from anywhere. Your checks are mailed out and deposited into your bank account. Bundle checks together and save on processing fees.

Explore check deposit service

I highly recommend implementing this product at any workplace. It is great for making mail accessible.

E-Learning Company

Secure your business with a digital mail office

Simplify your business process with managing your clients documents and protect your personal information by keeping your data out of the wrong hands.

Get My Business Address

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