Virtual Mailbox

Going remote starts with an address

Your address to manage your mail, deposit checks, and handle shipments and returns.


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Virtual mailbox highlights

In addition to managing and accessing your mail online, your virtual mailbox offers the convenience of depositing checks, forwarding packages, and FREE registered agent services for all plans and addresses.


Check deposit

Skip the hassle of visiting a brick-and-mortar bank and get paid faster. Save valuable time by submitting your checks online within minutes.

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Package forwarding

Let your packages meet you where you are. Ship your packages to any address and save more when you bundle packages and ship them together.

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FREE registered agent

Stay compliant year after year and get same-day access to important legal documents. Act quicker and avoid missing important deadlines.

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Benefits of a VPM virtual mailbox

Mailbox Address

An address that won’t move even if you do

No need to update your address every time you move. With all locations owned and operated by VPM, your address will stick around for a long time.


Mail Content Scanning

Read your mail online without the wait

Have your postal mail opened and its content scanned so you can read it online. Mail scanning requests are usually processed within 6 business hours.


Check Deposit

Deposit your customer checks without going to the bank

Have check payments in your mailbox mailed out to your bank and deposited into your bank account. Deposit requests are usually processed within 1 business day.


Package Forwarding

Forward your mail and packages to any address

Have mail and packages sent to any destination that UPS, USPS, or FedEx ships to. Save money by consolidating packages and shipping them together.


On-site Processing and Storage

Fast processing of your time-sensitive mail

Mail is usually processed the same day it is received. Mail is stored on-site with no unwanted delays caused by additional transit times to a central processing center.


Online and Physical Security

Keep your mail and data protected

All locations are equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras, security alarms, and access control systems. On-site mobile shredding is used for taking care of trashed personal mail. Digital data is stored and handled by SOC2 and HIPAA compliant servers on Amazon Web Services.


Document Management

Digitize and manage your mail online

Store and organize all of your mail in one place. Tag your mail so it's easier to find later. Integration with third party services improves your document management process.



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    Commercial business address

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    Mail scanning

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    Mail and package forwarding

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    Check deposit services

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    Automated mail scans

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    Download mail as PDF

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    Send mail PDF to email

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    On-site mail processing

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    On-site mail storage

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    FREE on-site mail shredding

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    FREE 60-day physical mail storage

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    Unlimited digital storage

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    Where you can use your mailbox address


    Existing driver’s license


    Company filings with the state


    Credit cards


    Invoices and bills


    Contact information on websites


    Business cards

    Customers that love our service


    Small business

    Business address to manage your mail, deposit checks, and handle shipments and returns.


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      Long term business address

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      Mail data security

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      Check deposit services

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    Stay organized for a better business operation under one platform.


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      Unlimited storage

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      Keep client data secure

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      Protect your personal privacy

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    Digital nomads

    Stay connected with invoices and clients as you travel and work.


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      Long term business address

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      Stay connected to clients

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      Check deposit services

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    Manage and access your important bills, mail, and documents while traveling.


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      Secure mail handling

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      Read mail from anywhere

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      Access important documents online

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    An extraordinary mail forwarding service for people who do not want to deal with the hassle of receiving their mail. They just receive it for you, collect it, scan it and email it, in addition to a myriad of add-on services. I had been previously with another service, and I know the difference -- VirtualPostMail is outstanding; their customer service is unsurpassed; they answer all emails very thoroughly and accommodate all kinds of special forwarding requests. They're truly client-oriented. Their website personal mailbox interface is a breeze and pleasure to use. Been with them for 2 years!



    Transform your mail, transform your life

    Running a remote business from anywhere is no longer just a dream. With your own virtual mailbox, you’ll gain access to a business address that allows you to read your mail online, deposit checks, and forward packages.

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