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In 2007, I was planning to move to Europe and running my U.S. based business remotely. After exhaustively researching the best way to manage my businesses’ mail, invoices and payments, I couldn't find a good solution for my needs. Out of this frustration, Virtual Post Mail was born in 2009.

Our driving mission - then and now - is to create innovative services that help people live and run their businesses remotely without being tied down by physical paper and location. We start this off by allowing you to manage your postal mail and packages deliveries online from anywhere.

My team and I are passionate in our pursuit for personal growth and continuous improvement. These values allow us to continually develop a more secure, scalable company that will enrich your life. I also encourage my team to take ownership of their work. I empower them to quickly resolve any issues and to use your feedback to create a more relevant service.

So, that is Virtual Post Mail today. We’ve built an online mailbox solution so you can manage your mail from anywhere in the world. We offer services that solve problems for small businesses, freelancers, road warriors, consultants, solo entrepreneurs, expats, digital nomads, snowbirds, RVers and more.

Your success means our success. So keep checking in. The ambition of VPM is to become the source for busy business owners seeking an online, next generation mail and document management solution including expanded back office solutions and logistic services all designed to make your life easier.

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