Virtual Mailbox for Expats

Stay connected while working abroad

Communicate remotely with your family, friends, and employer while working abroad. Stay in touch with a stable U.S. address.


Get the U.S. brands you love forwarded to you

Get your favorite U.S. brands delivered right to your doorstep

Easily shop from your preferred U.S. retailers and get your packages delivered to your location of choice. Cut down on expenses by bundling your shipments. Plus, with a virtual mailbox, you can order products from U.S. stores that typically don't offer international shipping.

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Top security for your mail and packages

All VPM mail processing centers are under 24/7 surveillance, ensuring around-the-clock protection of your mail. Your digital data is safely secured by SSL bank-level encryption.


We've been using this company now for about 2 years and have been very happy with it. We are Americans living abroad 10 months a year, so this is a very convenient service. I get an email every time mail comes in, I log into my account and get scans of my mail. I can download the mail to my computer, or If I want something to be physically forwarded, it's a reasonable fee. I have the account that costs $20/month, and this has been enough to cover all our mail. Occasionally I worry about fraud, especially when something sensitive comes in, but so far so good! I think these guys are very legit, in order to set up the account, I had to send in notarized forms that would allow them to handle U.S. mail on our behalf. I would definitely recommend them.


Need a residential address?

Acquire a premium U.S. home address to help you manage personal mail and maintain bank accounts. Plus, request an optional lease agreement if needed.

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