VirtualPostMail vs. iPostal1

VirtualPostMail (VPM) owns all of its locations, providing long-term stability, fast processing, and better security when it comes to your mail. All VPM virtual mailbox plans include access to free registered agent, check deposit service, and unlimited digital cloud storage.


Differences between VPM and iPostal1

VPM and iPostal1 may look similar at first glance, but there are a few key differences that make VPM unique.

Achieve long-term stability for your business

Your VPM virtual mailbox provides you with a long-term business address attached to a commercial building, making it easier for you to move without having to worry about updating your address with your customers and vendors.

iPostal1 partners with retail pack-and-ship stores and co-working spaces to provide addresses for your virtual mailbox. However, since the company does not own or control those locations, your address may change at any time.


Save time with fast mail processing

Each VPM location is a central processing center, which means all mail is stored, processed, and scanned on-site. You can expect to receive high-quality mail scans within 1 business day on average.


Enhanced security measures ensure your mail is safeguarded

VPM processes all mail on-site, minimizing the risk of your mail being lost or damaged due to extra transits. A mobile shredding service shreds your mail on-site, providing extra security and ensuring your mail doesn't leave the VPM facility with your information.


FREE registered agent service for your LLC or corporation

All VPM virtual mailbox plans come with registered agent service at no extra cost, allowing you same-day access to legal documents and reducing the risk of missing important compliance-related deadlines.

iPostal1 does not support registered agent service at any of their locations.


Get paid quick with remote check deposits

VPM's check deposit service allow you to submit checks for deposit from a computer or mobile device in minutes, freeing up your time and resources by eliminating the need to visit the bank.

While some iPostal locations offer check deposit service, not all of them do. You’ll need to research the details of each location to confirm that it offers this service.


Worry-free unlimited digital mail storage

Say goodbye to cluttered desk space and hello to your new digital office. All VPM plans offer unlimited cloud storage, allowing you to access, store, and organize your mail online.

iPostal1’s services are limited to 2GB of cloud storage. If you’re expecting a heavy volume of mail, this is a factor to take into consideration.


Quick comparison of virtual mailbox features

See how VPM differs from iPostal1.




FREE registered agent

checked unchecked

Mail forwarding

checked checked

Package forwarding

checked checked

Check deposit

All locations

Not available at all locations

Owns locations

checked unchecked

Cloud storage


2 GB

HIPAA compliance

Yes, it is available on a Business Plan and above.



A BAA can be signed by VPM at your organization's request.


SOC 2 compliant

checked unchecked