VirtualPostMail vs. PostScanMail

VirtualPostMail (VPM) handles and processes all mail on-site, so you can expect a higher level of security and reduced wait times. Get a commercial business address, free registered agent, and check deposit service with all VPM virtual mailbox plans.


Differences between VPM and PostScanMail

VPM and PostScanMail may look similar at first glance, but there are a few key differences that set VPM apart.

Use your commercial address for the long-term

Get a commercial business address that sticks around for years to come. Since VPM owns each of its locations, changing your address every time you move is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

PostScanMail partners with mail centers, office buildings, and PO boxes to provide you with your address. Since these locations are not owned, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to use an address for the long haul.


Reduce your risk of lost and damaged mail

Each VPM location functions as central processing centers. This allows for the storage, sorting, and processing of your mail on-site, reducing the risk of lost or damaged mail and packages.

PostScanMail routes all mail and packages to a central processing center in Anaheim, CA, increasing the risk that your mail and packages will get lost or damaged during the extra transit.


Read your mail sooner

On-site mail processing enables you to access your important mail quicker. You will see your mail uploaded to your account, on average, within 1 business day.

PostScanMail has a central processing center in Anaheim, CA, where mail is sent to be processed. This extra step increases the wait time before you are able to read your mail.


Stay compliant with FREE registered agent services

Your VPM virtual mailbox includes complimentary registered agent services in your chosen state, saving you $100 or more a year. Get same-day digital access to time-sensitive documents and reduce the stress of missing important deliveries.

PostScanMail only offers registered agent services in California.


Get paid fast with remote check deposits

Save time by requesting to have incoming customer checks deposited to your bank account in a matter of minutes. All requests are processed and mailed out within 1 business day.

PostScanMail does not offer check deposit services.


Quick comparison of virtual mailbox features

See how VPM is different than PostScanMail




FREE Registered Agent

All locations

Anaheim, CA

Mail Forwarding

checked checked

Package Forwarding

checked checked

Check Deposit

checked unchecked

Owns Locations

checked unchecked

Request Processing

1 business day

Service unavailable

HIPAA Compliance

Yes, it is currently only available on a Business Plan and above and a BAA can be signed by VPM by request with your organization

Yes, only the main office in Anaheim can sign a BAA