VirtualPostMail vs. Traveling Mailbox

With a VPM virtual mailbox, you'll get a long-term business address, FREE registered agent service at all locations, and fast on-site processing of your mail and packages.


Differences between VPM and Traveling Mailbox

VPM and Traveling Mailbox may look similar at first glance, but there are a few key differences that set VPM apart.

Professional business address

Get a business address attached to a professional commercial office building. VPM owns and upkeeps each location, ensuring it maintains a polished appearance to boost your business image.

Traveling Mailbox offers several types of business addresses. Many are UPS stores and PostNet locations, which show up with store signs in a retail plaza on Google Maps.

FREE registered agent service at all locations

All VPM locations offer complimentary registered agent service, enabling you to stay on top of state compliance and important deadlines. Get same-day access to legal documents and act fast when it comes to time sensitive communications.

Traveling Mailbox’s registered agent service is only available in North Carolina.


On-site processing for fast mail delivery

Your mail and packages are stored, sorted, and processed on-site, resulting in faster processing times. All incoming mail is processed within 1 business day on average.

Traveling Mailbox uses mailbox partners, causing you to experience slower processing times due to additional transit to the central processing hub in North Carolina.


Quick comparison of virtual mailbox features

Learn how VPM stands out from Traveling Mailbox.



Traveling Mailbox

FREE registered agent

All locations

North Carolina

Mail forwarding

checked checked

Package forwarding

checked checked

Check deposit

checked checked

Owns locations

checked unchecked

HIPAA compliance

Yes. It is currently available on a Business Plan and above.



A BAA can be signed by VPM by request with your organization


SOC 2 compliant

checked unchecked