Save time, money, resources and space by outsourcing to VirtualPostMail. It will free up time for billable activities, provide a streamlined digital document solution and save space. And, your commercial address increases confidence and trust from your customers.

Get a Professional Business Image

Your new commercial address will make your business look more professional. Create and maintain a professional business appearance to your customers. Make it easier for customers to find and contact your business locally.

Secure Privacy

Many small businesses owners use their home address for business correspondence sacrificing privacy. With a VirtualPostMail account, you get a commercial address that will assure your anonymity.

Ultimate Security

We’re serious about security and are constantly improving our security measures. All your data is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption level. Find out more here.

Awesomely Fast Processing

We know speed is important in business. Other companies can take up to one week to get you your mail. At VirtualPostMail all new incoming mail is processed and immediately available within 1 business day.

Save Time

We’ve designed VirtualPostMail to save you time on tedious activities, such as opening and sorting your mail and scanning documents, so you can focus on higher-value business activities. Benefit from more time for billable hours.

Improve Cash Flow

Too busy to go to the bank? On a business trip? Our check deposit service quickly processes checks to assist your cash flow.

Smarter Business Solution

Let VirtualPostMail become your back office mailroom. Our mail solution services easily integrates into your business. Get an edge and add value to your business.

We Scan Your Documents

VirtualPostMail digitizes all your business mail, documents and package labels, saving you time scanning documents, streamlining your document workflow and offering a complete document storage and paperless office solution.

Manage Mail Online 24/7

You run your business 24/7. Log in anytime to check on your mail status.

Access Mail Anywhere

Access your mail from anywhere in the world with just a browser and an Internet connection on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. No extra software to download or install.

Preview Mail in Email

Not only do you get an email notification when you receive new mail, you get to preview your postal mail directly inside the email without having to log into your mailbox online.

High Quality Scans

With all mail scans at 200+ DPI, your business documents are easy to read and legible on print. Think of the time you’ll save having VirtualPostMail scan all your documents!

Searchable PDFs

All scanned mail images are run through our character recognition system so that page text is instantly searchable on your computer. No need to look through each file just to find the document you need. Learn more on searchable PDFs.

Receive Packages

Some of our business clients don’t have the room at their home or office to temporarily store packages. VPM is a wonderful solution for businesses looking to keep packages in one location before sending them to their final destinations.

And, VirtualPostMail receives packages from all couriers. This option is not available with a PO Box.


"Being tied down can be nice, but being tied down to a physical location is boring. That’s what VirtualPostMail is for. It also keeps a nice archive of all of your mail, and gives you the same security as a regular PO Box"- Christopher D.