Exclusive OpenPhone Offer

Score big with valued partner, OpenPhone! OpenPhone is a VoIP application for Mac, Windows, Web, iOS, and Android that adds second phone numbers to existing devices. It offers unlimited calling and messaging, a lightweight CRM, and more.

Additionally, its integrations with other popular business apps like HubSpot and Google Contacts make it a popular choice for companies looking to streamline their workflows. Most customers are able to start calling and texting in minutes, without needing to talk to sales (though we offer that option too!).

Virtual mailbox features

You'll also unlock access to convenient virtual mailbox features, including:

Mail Scanning

Have your postal mail opened and its content scanned so you can read it online. Mail scanning requests are usually processed within 6 business hours.

Check Deposit Services

Submit an online request in minutes to any U.S. bank that supports mail-in deposits.

Package Forwarding

Have packages forwarded anywhere in the world and consolidate your items for even bigger savings.

International Shipping

Consolidate and ship your mail to anywhere in the world.

Find your perfect fit for business addresses

Select from VPM's mailbox addresses to go along with your phone services and explore the benefits of each state-specific location.


Delaware is a preferred location for LLCs and corporations because of its robust business and asset protection laws. It is also 1 of 5 states with no state sales tax.

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Florida is 1 of only 9 states that do not impose state income tax, which translates to greater disposable income to invest in your remote business.

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Covina is a mid-size city located 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Gain access to FREE California registered agent services to help your LLC stay compliant.

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Texas stands out as 1 of just 9 states that does not impose a state income tax, enabling an accelerated growth trajectory for your business.

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nevada business address


Nevada is 1 of just 9 states that do not levy state income tax. Additionally, the state provides a business-friendly legal system and extra anonymity for LLCs.

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