Permanent Mailbox Address

VirtualPostMail provides you with a street address to receive postal mail for the long term. The unopened envelopes are scanned so you can view your mail online at your convenience. Then, you decide whether to have the mail opened and scanned, mail forwarded, or destroyed. Managing your postal mail online is so easy; you’ll never want to handle mail the traditional way again.

Street Address

  • Street address you can use for years to come even if you move
  • Receive mail from ALL couriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS
  • Accepted in more places than a PO Box address
  • Use your virtual address on your driver license, credit card applications, and business filings

Mail Scanning

Under rigorous privacy control you can securely have your mail scanned and electronically delivered to you. VirtualPostMail scans each envelope that comes to your mailbox and posts it to your online mailbox. You then login to your online mailbox from anywhere and tell us what to do. We can open and scan the contents, forward the item anywhere in the world, shred it, or you can have us hold the envelope to initiate an action at a later time. We scan at 200+ DPI and in color; the output is a hi-resolution PDF.

Benefits of mail scanning:
  • Digitizes all your business mail, documents, and package labels
  • Saves you time scanning documents
  • Email notifications when you receive new mail
  • Skips the hassle of opening and sorting mail
  • Offers a complete document storage and paperless office solution
  • All leading to more time for billable hours

Document Management

  • Have all your mail documents accessible online
  • Downloadable digital copies in PDF format
  • Fully OCR'ed for easy searching of important documents
  • High resolution scans for better prints and easier reading
  • Streamlines your document workflow

Unlimited Digital Mail Archiving

If you request your mail to be scanned, the resulting mail scan images will be stored automatically within your online account. The documents and images are stored for as long as you have an active mail account with us.

Mail Forwarding

With our mail forwarding feature, you can send mail anywhere. Simply choose the items that you wish to forward and where, and we will handle the rest. We’ll send your mail to you anywhere in the world without a hassle.

Mail Shredding

Protect your personal information, reduce risk of identity theft, and control storage costs. There is no need to carry the extra burden of storing physical documents or risk identity theft.

VirtualPostMail shreds all your mail to protect your important business and personal information. Mail shredding is free for all virtual mailboxes, unlike with other digital mail companies that may charge you extra monthly fees to provide a similar mail service.

For extra protection, a mobile shredding service comes to shred all personal mail on site so trashed mail always leaves our facility in unrecognizable pieces.

Document and Package Storage

VirtualPostMail provides state-of-the-art physical security for your documents and packages. Your mail is stored in a secure area that can only be accessed by authorized personnel who are background checked.

In addition, round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring with security alarm and camera systems protect your physical mail, packages, and information.

Physical documents are stored in our facilities free for the first 60 days. From this point forward, you can decide whether to have us hold, shred or forward your documents anywhere in the world.

Smart Address Tags

Smart Address Tags gives you a set of standard letter-based tags that you add to the end of your mailbox number, ie. “#1000N”, to pre-route your mail. Each tag indicates a particular action that you want us to take – open and scan, forward, trash, etc. Incoming new mail containing one of these tags is immediately processed according to the tag’s instruction.

Smart Address Tags help save processing time by using these special tag instructions. Check our support article to see what tags are available and how to use them.

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