FREE Registered Agent Service for Your Business

If you own a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, or Limited Partnership (LP), you are required to designate a registered agent for your business entity. VirtualPostMail can act as your agent for service of process and receive legal documents for your business. Combine your registered agent service with a virtual mailbox for a comprehensive business mail solution. Best of all, registered agent service comes FREE of charge with every VirtualPostMail account on a supported plan.

Registered Agent Services

Free Registered Agent Services on Supported Plans
VirtualPostMail registered agent service is included at no charge. Save over $100 a year compared to using a dedicated registered agent service. VirtualPostMail Registered Agent Service is available in every state where we have a location.  

Registered Agent Rules

What are Registered Agent Service Requirements?
You’re required to designate an in-state registered agent when you form your company and in each additional state in which you are doing business. Maintaining a registered agent in the state in which you formed and in each state where your company is conducting business is an ongoing requirement.

While states vary in their exact requirements for registered agents, there are three rules that generally apply:

  1. The registered agent must be a resident individual or a domestic or qualified out-of-state corporation.
  2. The registered agent’s office address must be a physical address in the state. This means that a PO Box does not qualify as an in-state address.
  3. The registered agent must be available during “normal” business hours Monday through Friday.

Registered Agent Questions

Why is a Registered Agent Required?

Your registered agent is your official contact with the state. The state requires a registered agent be designated so that it has an official contact on file for your business. The state will send your company important compliance information and official correspondence through your registered agent.

What If I Don’t Designate a Registered Agent?

Failing to have a registered agent may result in serious adverse consequences. Your business can be administratively dissolved in the state of its formation and affect the “good standing” of your business.

Reasons for Using a Professional Registered Agent

If you have a physical address in the state in which you form your company, technically you could serve as your own registered agent. However, there are a couple of very good reasons why just because you can serve as your own registered agent doesn’t mean that you should.

Time-sensitive materials require immediate attention. You’re busy running your business and in almost every case that means you’re not always available during regular business hours to receive important communications or documents that require a response by a certain deadline or due date.

Protecting your business image. Acting as your own registered agent means keeping your business address (which may also be your personal address) on file with the state. This is where they will send all correspondence routinely associated with the corporation or LLC.

Registered Agent Benefits

Same Day Access to Served Documents

Unlike traditional registered agents, you never need to wait for served documents to be shipped to you. All legal documents served are scanned and made available online the same day they are received. These real-time notifications can save precious time by enabling you to consult with legal counsel and respond in a timely manner. A professional registered agent is available for the receipt of official documents and will forward them to you in a timely fashion so you don’t miss important annual report, tax and litigation filing deadlines. A reliable professional agent helps you avoid the consequences of improper handling of critical paperwork. We’ve developed reliable procedures so that your important legal service of process and state notices are delivered securely, promptly, and consistently. Your entity records and all forwarded documents are maintained and available to you online 24/7.

Protect Your Privacy

If you designate yourself as the registered agent and use your home address, that information is available publicly on the Secretary of State website, listed under your business entity. A registered agent’s name and address is publicly accessible information. This means that if you are your business' registered agent and you list your home address as your registered office, your personal contact information will be what’s listed on public documents and process servers will deliver notifications to your house. VirtualPostMail Registered Agent Service will help protect your privacy by being listed as your registered agent on the website instead. Learn more about a commercial address to use to protect your privacy.

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