Anytime Mailbox vs. VirtualPostMail

Virtual Mailbox Service Review & Comparison

What is Anytime Mailbox?

Anytime Mailbox is a software platform solution that gives business centers and mail center owners the ability to offer their customers a virtual mailbox. They list each location as an address in their network on their website.The independent business centers or mail center owners decide which services and features to offer and how much to charge.  Therefore, there is no unified pricing or service plan.

How VirtualPostMail is Different From Anytime Mailbox

Worry Less About A Change of Address

An advantage of our virtual mailbox service is that all stores are owned and operated by us so you don't need to change your mailbox address or be forced to due to partner shutdowns.

A Real Virtual Mailbox

We process mail and packages in-house, own our operating locations, train all staff, provide customer support, and have control of our software and processing times. You get a single reliable, secure, and proven service for your mail.

We own and operate all of the commercial addresses in our network. So you get the same set of services and quality in service regardless of which location you choose.  

Anytime Mailbox licenses their mail software to partners so they can offer virtual mailbox services.  Every partner location sets its own pricing and decides which services to offer, so anyone signing up with Anytime Mailbox must research very carefully the details of the plans offered at any address they are interested in. In conclusion, Anytime Mailbox uses all third parties by franchising out to local small mom and pop shops. Additionally, address operators can change pricing and plan features at any time. There is also a lack of standardized procedure and training that yield inconsistent service quality. Each location can support some or all of the following mail services.

Things to look out for with Anytime Mailbox

By using Anytime Mailbox an operator at a location can close abruptly without giving you time to transition your mail. This is extremely disruptive and may cause loss of important legal documents and time sensitive documents.

No Third Party Partners or Middleman

A huge advantage at VirtualPostMail is that every single one of our locations is a mail processing center that we own. This means all mail and packages are directly delivered from the courier straight into the hands of one our experienced and certified staff members. Our highly trained staff knows exactly how to handle your mail with accuracy, the utmost care, and in the most effective way.

Furthermore, the mail never gets touched or goes through another point of contact during the last leg delivery. There is no middleman like a UPS Store, mom & pop mailbox rental store, or a virtual office, all of which increases the risk of mail loss and delayed delivery times. Anytime Mailbox is only a software platform and they use all third parties with mom and pop shops.  

Advanced Mail Scanning

VirtualPostMail uses advanced commercial high-resolution scanners to deliver scans in PDF with full-text search enabled. That means faster delivery of your scans to meet our promised turnaround time to you, higher quality in scans, and you can search, sort, and manage your physical mail just like email. This is in contrast to the images taken by mail centers using Anytime Mailbox software using either a phone or tablet device, which will not have the same consistent image quality.

Anytime Mailbox only provides software and does not monitor the work quality of individual mailbox owners. Anytime Mailbox relies on independent mailbox store operators to open and take pictures of your mail using their personal smartphone and the Anytime Mailbox app. The documents are taken as photos and are not high quality compared to our high-resolution image scans.

With Anytime Mailbox, the owners are not professionally trained to process your mail in a standardized way and will lead inconsistent service quality across locations.  The result is that one location can have good service and quality while another location may be worse.

Location Security

VirtualPostMail has state of the art physical security with round-the-clock surveillance monitoring with security alarms and camera systems that protect all your mail and packages. Mail is stored in a secure location that can only be accessed by authorized personnel that has gone through proper background checks and vetting process.

Shipping Consolidation

Consolidate packages and ship them to anywhere in the world at affordable prices. VirtualPostMail shows real-time shipping prices, so you can choose the carrier without guessing what it will cost to forward packages and mail. You will save by being able to consolidate mail and package.

Additionally, VirtualPostMail is committed to seeing through your shipping request end-to-end.  For example, you will never pay extra costs for packages forwarded to your mailbox address that is not meant for you. If an error was made by a VirtualPostMail operator, we will take care of the costs.  If it was an error made by the courier (USPS, FedEx, or UPS), then we would gladly assist in filing a claim on your behalf and help you get the maximum refund possible.

On occasion, you may receive returned mail or packages due to USPS error.  In those instances, VPM will get back in touch with USPS on your behalf. We will have the situation sorted out free of charge and request USPS to re-ship with no additional cost.

Anytime Mailbox does not show shipping prices and does not offer shipping consolidation.

Receive and ship mail and packages without paying extra fees to forward them to a central processing center.

Best Customer Support

Guided by our company values, our stellar customer support team is devoted to helping you address any kind of issues and/or concerns with the ultimate respect and efficiency. Our customer support team boasts a number of “best-in-industry” records.

Anytime Mailbox uses mom and pop shops and therefore the customer service is inconsistent. Their customer service will be a mix of difficulty to reach over the phone, online, or web. In addition, you are getting a third party customer service team, which will not go above or beyond for issues, questions, or concerns. Our customer support team is in-house and are dedicated to efficiently provide solutions to all current and new customers.

VirtualPostMail vs. Anytime Mailbox Comparison Chart

Services and Features
Anytime Mailbox
Free Mail Storage
60 Days
30 Days
Free Secure Mail Shredding
Free Package Storage
60 Days
Depends on Location
Package Forwarding
Check Deposit
Mail Forwarding
Cloud Storage
Live Support
Depends on Location
Request Processing
1 Business Day
Not Available
Free Registered Agent Services
Cancellation Fee


"Being tied down can be nice, but being tied down to a physical location is boring. That’s what Virtual Post Mail is for. It also keeps a nice archive of all of your mail, and gives you the same security as a regular PO Box"- Christopher D.