Earth Class Mail vs. VirtualPostMail

Virtual Mailbox Service Review & Comparison

What is Earth Class Mail?

Earth Class Mail (ECM) is a virtual mailbox service similar to VirtualPostMail. They offer much of the same mail services that VirtualPostMail does with respect to handling your mail (from receiving, scanning, and forwarding to properly disposing of your mail).

How VirtualPostMail is Different From Earth Class Mail

While our core mail services are mostly the same as Earth Class Mail, the way VirtualPostMail offers, delivers, and executes them are quite different. You will find VirtualPostMail services far surpass that of Earth Class Mail in the following areas.

Never Worry About A Change of Address

An advantage of our virtual mailbox service is that all stores are owned and operated by us so you never need to change your mailbox address or be forced to due to partner shutdowns.

COVID-19 Updates

While Earth Class Mail centralizes their processing, this can lead to full disruption for processing all mail. In comparison our processing disruption can be localized to individual locations and can even be supplemented by moving processing to another facility if necessary.

We are also the only virtual mailbox service with a fully publicized contingency plan on exactly how we will respond to mail service disruptions below.

Our Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Shipping Service Disruptions and Delays

Stimulus Checks for COVID-19

Finally, we own our locations so we have full control over how each location is run. We won't be affected by other third party partners.

For example, with Earth Class Mail, your address may shutdown, at which point, they'll give you a new address, but then you’ll need to deal with updating all your mail or have to find a completely new service.

Another example is imagine if the new mailbox address is also shutdown as well.  That's a huge disruption, especially if you rely on the address to receive bills and check payments.

With us you’ll never miss important documents and checks especially, for instance your stimulus checks, because your mailbox provider's address is shutdown or you need to change your address.

No Third Party Partners or Middleman

A huge advantage at VirtualPostMail is that every single one of our locations is a mail processing center that we own. This means all mail and packages are directly delivered from the courier straight into the hands of one our experienced and certified staff members. Our highly trained staff knows exactly how to handle your mail with accuracy, the utmost care, and in the most effective way.

Furthermore, the mail never gets touched or goes through another point of contact during the last leg delivery. There is no middleman like a UPS Store, mom & pop mailbox rental store, or a virtual office, all of which increases the risk of mail loss and delayed delivery times. Earth Class Mail does use third parties.

Commercial Address

Each of our locations is a commercial office with a commercial business address. We never use PO Boxes. This is useful for online or home-based businesses who do not have a physical presence, which is needed for an LLC or corporation. Earth Class Mail has many locations, but not all are commercial business addresses. You should be aware that PO Boxes do not receive mail from couriers such as FedEx and UPS. A PO Box is also not accepted for registering a business such as a LLC or corporation. Additionally, if you need a business bank account PO Boxes are not accepted.

Super Fast Processing

Each mail piece is processed at the location for the fastest turnaround time. On average, your mail is available to you the same day it is received because we don’t forward it to a central processing facility, which can tack on an extra week to have your new mail show up in your virtual mailbox. Faster availability means more time for you to take action on time-sensitive mail, especially critical legal and government documents.

We also store and process all your mail and packages in the location you signed up for. As long as you pick a location where most of your business traffic is concentrated in, this will offer a number of advantages in terms of cost.

The turnaround time is around 6 business hours or the latest 1 business day for you to see your mail online.
Receive and ship mail and packages without paying extra fees to forward them to a central processing center.

Other Money-Saving Guarantees

VirtualPostMail is committed to seeing through your request end-to-end. For example, you will never pay extra shipping costs for packages forwarded to the wrong address by mistake. If this was a VirtualPostMail operator error, we will take care of the costs. If it was an error made by the courier (USPS, FedEx, or UPS), then we would gladly assist in filing a claim on your behalf and help get a full refund.

On occasion, you may receive returned mail or packages due to USPS error. In those instances, VirtualPostMail will get back in touch with USPS on your behalf. We will have the situation sorted out free of charge and request USPS to re-ship with no additional cost.

Best Customer Support

Guided by our company values, our stellar customer support team is devoted to helping you address any kind of issues and/or concerns with the ultimate respect and efficiency. Our customer support team boasts a number of “best-in-industry” records. Our team is dedicated to resolving any issues, questions, or concerns you have in the most efficient and solution-oriented manner. You can reach our customer support team online or via telephone.

Free Registered Agent Services

Currently, VirtualPostMail is the only virtual mailbox service that offers registered agent services at all our locations. Our registered agent service satisfies the state requirement for any LLC or corporation to designate a registered agent for accepting legal documents and processing. We offer same-day access to all legally served documents, leading to more time for your legal counsel to review and respond to them. VirtualPostMail’s registered agent service is offered at no charge to you for all eligible plans. There is no limit to the number of businesses you can register with us, so you will see huge savings if you have multiple business entities. Earth Class Mail does not offer registered agent services at all their locations.

VirtualPostMail vs. Earth Class Mail Comparison Chart

Services and Features
Earth Class Mail
Free Mail Storage
60 Days
30 Days
Free Secure Mail Shredding
HIPAA Compliant
Some Locations
Free Package Storage
60 Days
10 Days
Commercial Address
90+ (not all are commercial addresses)
Check Deposit
Mail Forwarding
Cloud Storage
Live Phone Support
Registered Agent Services
All Locations
Some Locations
Request Processing
1 Business Day
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Cancellation Fees
No Cancellation Fee
$50 Cancellation Fee
Receive Packages at Every Location From Every Carrier


"Being tied down can be nice, but being tied down to a physical location is boring. That’s what Virtual Post Mail is for. It also keeps a nice archive of all of your mail, and gives you the same security as a regular PO Box"- Christopher D.