Luxury home address for personal needs

Secure a prestigious U.S. address in a high-end condominium tower to help you receive and manage personal mail and accounts with ease.

TruResidence: Where opulence meets stability

Your new residential address is situated in a stunning high-rise tower in the heart of Las Vegas.


Long-term home address

Achieve peace of mind knowing your residential address will remain a constant in your ever-changing world.

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Lease agreement add-on

If additional proof of address is needed, you can sign a lease agreement that shows you're renting the space for an extra fee.

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Online mail management

Access and manage your mail digitally and choose to have it scanned, forwarded, or trashed.

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Elevate your lifestyle with these benefits

Prestigious address

Use your premium residential address to receive mail. Get an optional lease agreement when needed.

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    Residential address in a high-end, private condominium tower

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    Add-on lease agreement for proof of address

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    Long term U.S. home address

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Secure building access

Rest assured knowing your mail and packages are protected every step of the way, from arrival to processing at the VPM facility.

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    Monitored and limited access to condominium tower

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    24/7 security monitoring and access control to your mail

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    Weekly mail pickup and delivery to a secure VPM processing center

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Reliable mail processing

Safeguard your personal information with VPM's advanced security measures for processing and storing your mail.

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    Highly secure mail processing and data protection standards to keep your personal information safe

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    All inclusive virtual mailbox features handled by VPM experts

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    Exceptional in-house customer support to take care of your needs

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TruResidence Requirements

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    ID for identity verification (e.g. driver license, passport)

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    Selfie photo holding your ID

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    Credit report and other documents if leasing a space

  • Customized just for you

    TruResidence is your essential travel companion, offering you a fixed home address in the U.S. even if you live a nomadic lifestyle.


    Who is TruResidence ideal for?

    Digital nomads







    Carry on your U.S. accounts with a premium address

    TruResidence enables you to use this unique residential address solution to help you maintain your relationships and presence while abroad.


    Great places to use your TruResidence address


    Bank/investment accounts


    Credit cards

    Privacy protection



    Personal mail

    TruResidence FAQs

    Still have questions? For a more detailed look at TruResidence and what the service entails, please visit the FAQ page.

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    Reserve your high-end residential address today

    Eliminate the inconvenience of depending on friends or family to manage your personal mail. Upgrade to a new way of life with TruResidence, your one-of-a-kind home address solution that is both dependable and hassle-free.

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