You’ve got 99 problems to deal with in your business, and mail isn’t one… or is it? You’ve organized your priorities and figured out what steps you need to take to make your startup successful. Dealing with mail may not fall into those top priorities, but it is still essential for you to keep track of your business and personal documents. That’s the beauty of virtual mailboxes. They take care of your mailing and address needs, so you can spend your time focusing on the core parts of running your business.

It is important to choose your virtual mailbox location right from the start, as different locations provide businesses with different benefits. Recently, Nevada has risen in the ranks of business-friendly states. As such, getting a Nevada virtual mailbox will provide you with the benefits that come along with the state of Nevada. Here are some of the top benefits that you will receive with your Nevada virtual mailbox.

1. No State Income Tax

Nevada is one of the seven states that does not have a state income tax. That’s a win in itself! This means that you will be exempt from any state income taxes that you would otherwise have to pay if you get a virtual mailbox in another state. Who wouldn’t want to get a free pass from state income tax?

BONUS: tax benefits of Nevada LLCs don’t end there. You're also exempt from paying corporate and franchise taxes, and you as the business owner, will not need to pay personal income taxes. These tax benefits can result in significant savings, which can be of tremendous importance for first-time business owners and startup founders.

2. Asset Protection

If you want to protect your assets, and, who doesn’t, Nevada is the place to be. Nevada is known to have corporate policies that protect all employees, agents, and directors from becoming personally liable for the business, hence why many businesses choose to incorporate in this state.

In addition, Nevada doesn’t require firms to list company assets. This means there is no record of your assets being linked to your company unless you are filing with the IRS.

An additional benefit that comes with forming your LLC in Nevada is privacy protection. You, as a business owner, are not required to be listed in public records when filing your LLC with the state, so you gain a layer of protection through anonymity.

3. Free Nevada Registered Agent Service

VirtualPostMail (VPM) offers a registered agent service that satisfies the state requirement for any LLC or corporation to designate a registered agent to accept legal documents and processing. There is no limit to the number of businesses you can register with us, so you will see huge savings if you have multiple business entities.

Also, unlike traditional registered agents, you won't need to wait for served documents to be shipped to you. VPM offers same-day access to all service of process documents, leading to more time for your legal counsel to review content and next steps. These rapid real-time notifications can save precious time by enabling you to consult with legal counsel and respond in a time sensitive manner.

In addition to saved time and same-day notifications, VPM’s Nevada registered agent service will provide you with privacy protection and security. If you use your home address as your registered agent, your personal information will be available to the public. With our registered agent service, your address and privacy will be protected from public records. You will also be able to take advantage of secure mail and package forwarding and have a commercial business address that is secure and presents a professional image for your company.

Best of all, VPM’s registered agent service is free!

4. Access to World-Class Customer Service

VPM’s customer support team boasts a number of “best-in-industry” records. It has the best-in-industry support team with a 98% customer happiness score. When you’re happy, VPM is too! Not only does VPM have a response time of 1 hour and 56 minutes, but it also has an average first response resolution rate of 75%. That’s fast!

You might be asking yourself “how”? VPM doesn't outsource customer support, and it also engages in a very thorough hiring process to ensure that it has the best employees for the team. You can rest assured that its customer support team will be there to support your requests and go to tremendous lengths to serve you best.

5. Full Business Solutions

VPM digitizes all your business mail, saving time on tedious tasks and helping streamline your document workflow. As such, you will have the following time-saving advantages:

Save Time - VPM digitizes all of your business mail, which means you will save time from doing the opening and scanning of mail items. Imagine if you had 200 mail pieces on a monthly basis - that’s so much time spent opening mail right there! You’ll be able to automate and search mail with keyword searches so you can also save time from physically sorting through 6 boxes of papers to find that tax document.

Receive Mail Fast - You’ll receive your mail in your inbox within 1 business day or even sooner! VPM owns its locations so there is no hold up with a middle man. Your mail comes direct to VPM and into your online mailbox. Then, you'll get real-time notifications, so you can act on your mail. Speedy, right?!

Shipping - Receive packages from all couriers including FedEx, UPS, and USPS (if you use a PO box it only receives mail and packages from USPS). Incoming packages are available in your account the same day they are received just like your mail. All shipment requests are processed and shipped out within 1 business day. Get the U.S. brands you love to anywhere you are. For example, you’re in China and need deodorant because it doesn’t exist there! No sweat with VPM. Pun intended.

Check Deposit Service - You can get paid faster and deposit your checks at the same time you receive them in your virtual mailbox account. Don’t ever misplace it or go weeks without being able to deposit your check. VPM supports all banks that allow mail-in deposits.

FAQs: Answers to What You Have Asked the Most

1. Can I manage all of my mailboxes under one login?

While you are welcome to sign-up for multiple accounts, it is not possible for them to be managed under one login. VPM is planning to add multi-user support, as well as consolidate mailbox management in the future.

2. Can I move or switch my account to the new location?

You can obtain an address at the new location, but in order to do so, you will need to go through the sign-up process again and open up a new address at that new location. Once you do so, should you wish to close any existing accounts, let VPM know so the team can assist you in closing them. Remember that each location operates independently and processes mail on-site at the location. For this reason, you cannot transfer or internally forward mail from one location to another. You will also need to make arrangements with your mailers so you can start utilizing the new mailbox address immediately instead of continuing to forward from the old address you plan to close.

For details regarding this, please follow this link to this FAQ: Can I change my address from one location to another?

3. Do I need to submit a notarized Form 1583 if I have an existing account with you?

If you are an existing customer or were a customer within the past 12 months, VPM would be happy to waive the notarization requirement upon receiving your Form 1583 and two IDs for the new account. When submitting your documents, please make sure to reference your current or past account information.

Ready for Your Nevada Virtual Mailbox?

As you can see, a Nevada virtual mailbox comes with many benefits that are difficult to turn down. If you’re ready to start your journey with a Nevada virtual mailbox and take advantage of the lack of state income tax, asset protection, free registered agent services, top-tier customer service, and full business solutions that come along with it.