Renting a traditional PO Box can be a cost-effective option when you have basic mail needs and want to protect your privacy and receive mail.

However, there are certain needs that PO Boxes cannot fulfill. This is where virtual mailboxes come to your rescue. A virtual mailbox, also known as a virtual address, comes with all the features you get with a traditional PO Box and much more.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

Your virtual mailbox allows you to manage your mail and packages via any device. You'll have the ability to receive, forward, shred, or discard mail and packages all online. Your virtual mailbox is a commercial address with your own personal box number. A virtual mailbox makes managing your postal mail as easy and convenient as email. In fact, your virtual mailbox looks similar to an email inbox.

View and manage your mail in our user-friendly interface; you review and select the appropriate action, such as mail forwarding, mail shredding and easily have a physical address to receive mail and packages. The outside mail envelope or package label is scanned so you can decide whether you want to scan the mail contents, forward the mail, or trash it.

An virtual mailbox provides you the ability to manage your mail from anywhere, anytime. Gives you a commercial business address that receives mail from all couriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You’ll be able to forward important documents to yourself such as driver license, passports, and credit cards. Lastly, consolidate packages and ship them to anywhere in the world at affordable prices.

Now, that’s all covered let’s cover what the advantages of a virtual mailbox are.

1. Easy Access to Your Mail Online

With a virtual mailbox, your mail is scanned and put online for you to view directly inside your favorite web browser. This is extremely useful for those who travel frequently, live or work overseas, or need an US commercial address either for personal or business use.

Additionally, by re-evaluating your current approach (or lack thereof) for handling postal mail could help you realign your business’ true objectives.

  • What is the volume of mail you receive? For businesses that receive high volumes of mail, have multiple offices receiving mail, or deal with busy seasonal trends, you may benefit from a digital mail solution.
  • If mail is sorted in house, think how long it takes for necessary actions to be taken on those mail items. If it’s taking longer than needed for important documents to be read, bills to be paid, or checks to be deposited a virtual mailbox is an ideal solution.
  • A big benefit of using a digital mail solution is accessing information quickly and in a more useful format. If you’re doing mail scans manually you’ll save time in searching and accessing documents.

2. Professional Business Image

VirtualPostMail owns commercial locations, which means your mailbox address is actually a commercial street address.

Compare a virtual mailbox address versus a PO Box address

Real Commercial Business Address
Purely Virtual Company
1234 Lincoln Blvd #5555
Los Angeles, CA 90000

PO Box Address
Joe Smith Company
PO Box 5555
Los Angeles, CA 90000

A prestigious commercial business address creates a professional image for your business. A business address is beneficial for startups, home, or small businesses because it builds trust and confidence with your customers plus other business advantages. And it looks great on business cards too!

Use your business address to receive important documents, checks deposits, and invoices from your customer and vendors.

Alongside the professional image by having a legitimate commercial business address, there are some other excellent benefits that come with having an virtual mailbox like VirtualPostMail! Here are just some of the ways your business will improve by having an virtual mailbox.

  1. Increase efficiency and operational excellence - The benefit of a digital mail solution enables businesses to receive US postal mail, documents, invoices, and packages faster. A virtual mailbox offers lower processing costs, lower costs for storing, searching, retrieving, reproducing, and distributing documents.
  2. Manage time sensitive mail fast and easy - Immediately view content of a mail scanned document. Review important mail scan pieces to address quickly from anywhere.
  3. Reduce mail forwarding and save on shipping costs - You’ll be able to consolidate package deliveries and assess mail processes better. You will be able to reduce the number of mail distribution times, mail runs, and save on international shipping.
  4. Reduce volume of junk mail - A virtual mailbox provides visibility into all incoming mail. You can suppress unwanted mail and reduce mail volume to only important documents.
  5. Communicate with vendors and customers securely - Receive important documents, invoices, and checks from sub-contractors and customers in one place and right away.
  6. Have your commercial business address remains the same even when you move for a consistent and professional image.

3. Receive Mail and Packages from All Couriers

One of the primary handicaps to using a PO Box is that you can only receive mail delivered through USPS. No FedEx or UPS. Another disadvantage of a PO Box is that if you are an LLC or corporation a PO Box is not accepted as your commercial business address. With a virtual mailbox you won't worry about missed mail and package deliveries.

4. Mail and Package Forwarding

Forwarding mail and packages from a PO Box is actually not cheap. USPS charges extra to perform this service for you. They will bulk forward your mail, including junk mail and mail for previous mailbox owners. And USPS won't be happy if your mailbox overflows.

VirtualPostMail relieves you of all these worries. Your virtual mailbox will never overflow. Your mail and packages are securely stored until you forward them. When you want to forward your mail, you pay competitive rates.

Unlike a PO box, you can access your mail online from anywhere, at anytime, without having to physically drive to the post office. Once you see your mail, you decide what you want to do with it.

  • If you're in a hurry to read the mail, have it opened and scanned.
  • If it's sensitive material, forward it.
  • If it's junk mail, trash it.

Plus, if you have your mail content scanned, you get a digital copy of any important document and you can archive it for your records.

VirtualPostMail gives you much more than what's mentioned above, such as picking your own 4-digit mailbox number that's easy to remember, Smart Address Tags, and automatic new mail notification. All these features are bundled into distinct plans with affordable prices.