Get your mail scanned, mail forwarded, or shredded all for one low monthly fee with our virtual mailbox service packages.

No Contracts

No Setup Fees

No Cancellation Fees

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Manage Postal Mail Online with a Virtual Mailbox Address

Additional Pricing within each Plan

Extra Scans

$1 / scan over the included free scans.  Covers first 10 pages and $0.25 / page thereafter.

Check deposit

$10 / deposit, includes one check and USPS First Class with tracking. $1 extra / check in same deposit.


Shipping is billed separately.

See shipping prices.

Other Mail Services

Custom mail processing services are available.

See custom service pricing for details.

Virtual Mailbox Plan Features

FREE Registered Agent Service (on Supported Plans)
Commercial Address
FREE Secure Mail Shredding
Ability to Deposit Checks
FREE 60-Day Physical Mail Storage
No Setup or Cancellation Fees
Unlimited Digital Storage
Ability to Forward Packages
Smart Address Tags


"Being tied down can be nice, but being tied down to a physical location is boring. That’s what VirtualPostMail is for. It also keeps a nice archive of all of your mail, and gives you the same security as a regular PO Box"- Christopher D.
What locations do you have?

Please see our list of locations for more information.

Is your mailbox address a commercial address?

All our locations are real commercial addresses. We do not use PO Boxes. So you can use it to receive mail and packages from all couriers. You can also use it in situations where a PO Box address is not accepted.

Can I sign up for a mailbox if I do not live in the U.S.?

Yes, a non-U.S. resident or someone living outside the U.S. can sign up for a mailbox. In most instances, you may use your local identification for verification. Other than a few exceptions, you can also have your USPS Form 1583 notarized by a local notary.

Do you accept PayPal?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), but we do not accept PayPal. If you would like to use PayPal, you can get a PayPal Debit Card and then use that to sign up and make payment. Debit cards are accepted.

What is free mail?

Free mail is the number of incoming mail envelopes that are initially scanned at no charge.

What are free scans?

Free scans covers the scanning of the contents inside the mail pieces. One free scan covers up to the first 10 pages inside a mail piece. Additional pages are charged an extra per page fee. About 95% of all mail processed by VPM is 10 pages or fewer.

What is a recipient?

Recipients are those names you receive mail under. These are used to induct your mail to the correct mailbox. Recipients are especially helpful in the event that your senders use the wrong mailbox number or no mailbox number at all. Read more about how recipients work here.

Do I need to submit a USPS Form 1583?

Yes. USPS regulations require you to submit a notarized Form 1583 and two IDs to VirtualPostMail to open an account. Read more about submitting a USPS Form 1583 here.