When your startup steps out on the scene and introduces its products, what determines the attention it will get? Content marketing. Startups need well-written content to stand out. They don’t have a long list of satisfied customers to market their brand. What you write is what will create your brand’s image. If you need more convincing, check out these reasons for why you need to write effective content.

Present Your Brand’s Personality

Do you know what type of brand will never stand out? A generic one. Competition is extremely high, no matter the niche you are in. Just as you launch your startup, other startups will already be battling to win over your target audience.

Customers are swamped with offers and new brands that are trying to sell their products so when they come across a brand that is unique and genuine, that's the brand your customers will more likely go for.

You can express your originality through writing. Your content is what will introduce your brand to the world so it must be strong.

Take Warby Parker as an example. Warby Parker is an eyewear company that managed to skyrocket their brand when they first stepped out on the market in 2010.

Aside from their tempting products, their content was perfectly adapted to their target audience – Millennials. Just take a look at the beginning of their About Us story:

“Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive. We were students when one of us lost his glasses on a backpacking trip. The cost of replacing them was so high that he spent the first semester of grad school without them, squinting and complaining. (We don’t recommend this.)”

The language is simple, conversational, and the story is relatable. The content has that casual and cool feel to it, which showcases their brand personality.

Use writing as a chance to express your startup’s personality, as that is what will humanize your brand and make it more appealing to your target audience. Get started on building your unique brand identity.

Drive More Traffic to Your Startup’s Website

During the writing process, there is an important element you can’t overlook – search engine optimization (SEO). Your writing is truly effective if it can both drive traffic and retain the customers on your website.

If you have a great writing style but don’t optimize your content, you still won’t achieve your goal of increasing sales. Never done SEO before? Don’t know where to start exactly? Here’s The Beginner’s Guide to SEO to help you build a strong foundation.

You need more than just attention-grabbing content. It must also contain relevant keywords, backlinks, a readable format, and optimized images. Once you get that traffic to your web page, customers will browse your products and buy.

Connect with Customers

Building a relationship with customers plays a big role in getting them to purchase your products. If you manage to speak their same language, use words that resonate with them, and create valuable content you’ll get closer to creating that "special bond" with your audience. By writing effective content, they will not only buy your product, but they'll do it repeatedly.

How can you make that happen? Well, storytelling is a good place to start. Learn How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story [Guide + Examples].

Create Trust With Your Customers

When two people first meet and start getting to know each other, there is very little trust established between them. They have to be considerate, good listeners, and say all the right things if they want to earn each other’s trust quickly. The same goes for startups and their customers.

If you write in a conversational tone, put the focus on your customers, and empathize with their pain points, you'll earn their trust much faster than if you write about how your startup is amazing.

Trustworthy content is content that is relatable and high-quality. If you don't have a writer on your team who can rise to the occasion, find an expert writer who has experience with such writing.

In the case that you already have content written and are in need of revisions, you can get a professional editor. The editor will review your content and point out the aspects that negatively affect the content's quality.

Get Customers to Take Action

The purpose of copywriting is to get readers to take action. The only way you can achieve that is by writing a killer copy.

Every sentence you write should tempt the reader to read more until they reach the final step – the call to action to purchase your products. Whether you want the visitors to make an order, sign up for your newsletter, share your content on social media, or start a free trial of your product, you'll need great content to get them there.

It's crucial that you have a clearly defined goal and write the copy to lead customers to the final destination. To make this happen, the content must be concise, direct, engaging, and hook them with the very first line.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, writing is more important for the success of startups than some presume. If you have a talent with words (or find someone who does), you can make magic.

Considering that most customers check out the company's website before they decide to buy something, you need to take advantage of that as your chance to swoon them. Remember: investing in well-written content is investing in your startup's success. Content is king.

Want to Start A Business?

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