Changing address locations for your business is about more than just remembering to pack everything and hiring the right movers. You also need to be sure that all the relevant people, documents, and organizations are notified about your new change of address. It’s a PAIN!

Since updating your change of address is a process, it is better to start preparing on time to avoid potential inconveniences, like unpaid bills and penalties.

This article provides an extended list of people and organizations that need to be informed about your new change of address in the below checklist.

1. Financial Institutions

It is important to update your new business address to your bank, credit/debit cards, and lenders.


Notifying your bank of your move is very important because they will need to verify your new billing address. Let your bank know a week in advance so that your billing address will be verified within your first week of moving in. You can visit the bank in person, call their customer service, or use your bank’s online service to notify them. Don’t forget that you’ll need to change your billing address with any services that use that bank account.

Did you know that there is an physical address solution to maintain your business bank account? What that means for you is that you won’t ever need to update your business address on your financials even if you move. Check out TruLease.

Credit/Debit Cards

It’s important to update credit/debit cards a week in advance. In order to keep your expenses and billing on track.


If you’ve taken out business loans, inform the relevant institution(s) about the date when you’ll make the move and give them your new address a week before.

2. Government Organizations

The following government organizations need to be informed about your new business address.

United States Postal Service

You want to let the United States Postal Service (USPS) know that your business address is changing about two weeks before you move to your new location.

If you are using the USPS online change of address service (which may not always be available, depending on your address type), it will take about two weeks for your mail to start trickling into the new location.

Two weeks' lead time will allow you to prepare to forward any mail that would be sent to your old address to your new one.

Tax Agencies

As a business, you should let both the federal IRS and your state’s tax agency know your business address is changing two weeks before your move so that your tax information stays current. The IRS lets you make this change online with this form. Check your state’s department of revenue website to find how to notify them of your change of address.

Business Documents

If you have registered an LLC or corporation, update your change of address on all necessary documents, such as your Statement of Information.


You should let the DMV know that you changed your address within a month of moving into your new location. You will need proof that you live at your new address so that you can update your driver’s license. Check each individual state’s DMV site for a list of required documents needed when applying for a new state license.

3. Insurance

Updating your contact information with insurance companies will help you keep your coverage up to date at your new location. This is for individual insurance updates, but if you have have business specific insurance you’ll need to update the address also.

Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Car Insurance

You should notify your provider(s) that you are relocating two weeks before you move. Get in touch with your car insurance provider and confirm that they operate in the city or state to which you’re moving. Also, update your address with any health, dental, vision, and life insurance providers.

Home/Renter’s Insurance

You should let your home or renter’s insurance provider know about your address change about a month before you move.

4. Utilities

Try to find out as soon as possible what types of utilities you’ll be responsible for in your new place of residence. By doing so, you’ll avoid service lapses. This is for individuals, but if you plan on renting or need proof of address with a utility bill be sure to check out TruLease to avoid ever updating or changing this with your business.

Phone, Cable, and Internet

Set a cancellation date and set up a new service with the new address and move-in date. Don’t forget to update the billing with the new address.

Gas and Electric

These are important to address early because if you don’t, you run the risk of moving into your new residence without any electricity or heating. You should let your gas and electric companies know that your address is changing a week before you make your move.

Other Utilities

Even if you’re a renter, you may be responsible for sewer, water, and recycling/garbage disposal fees. Make sure to set up billing for whatever you must pay at your new address.

Tip: You should schedule your utilities to be shut off at the end of the day at your current residence and activated the next morning (the day of your move) at your new location.

5. Online and Subscription Services

Remember to update your billing and mailing addresses online for any subscription services with repeating payments.

Retail Store

If you run an e-commerce store, such as Shopify, it is important to update your change of address. Your address is used on your merchant and payment pages and for your banking accounts, as well as other website information on your Shopify store. The most important reason to update your address is to be able to accept product returns from customers.

Payment Services

Update your billing address for services like PayPal and apps like Venmo if you use these platforms to accept payment from customers.

Business Services

This category includes tools such as MailChimp, Survey Monkey, Instapage, and HubSpot. Access your account online with these services and make the necessary change of address updates.

6. People

Apart from updating your change of address with organizations and companies, don’t forget to notify key people in your personal and professional life about your new change of address.


It’s recommended to notify clients as soon as possible, as some clients won’t pay enough attention to invoices to notice that you have moved. This can be the most painful part of relocating, as it may take months to get all of your clients to update their records to take into account your new business address. In the meantime, your cash flow will fluctuate.

This is one reason why it’s recommended to use a separate mailbox to receive client checks and invoices. With VirtualPostMail (VPM), changing your mailing address in your clients’ records won't be an issue when you move office locations.

Business Relationships

If you have business partners or investors, it’s a good idea to let your team know where they can reach you at least two weeks in advance of your move, if not earlier.

If you rely on experts to help manage your finances, then it’s important to notify them about the change of address so they can contact you about your business. This step includes contacting the following professionals:

  • Financial Advisor
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer

Also, be sure that you’ve updated your return address labels, business cards, and don’t forget to update the address information on your website and other public domains.

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