About Claymont, DE

Claymont is strategically situated between Philadelphia and Wilmington, two large logistic hubs in the east coast. Delaware is often the go-to state for forming corporations due to its business-friendly legal system and preference by venture capitalists. It is also an extremely popular state for forming LLCs for asset protection.

Sales tax
New Castle
State income tax
2.2% - 6.6%
2093 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, DE 19703
Delaware LLC


Why Delaware?

Delaware LLCs are not required to list member names and addresses in their filings. Members and managers are only specified in the LLC’s operating agreement, which is private by nature. Therefore, ownership and management information is not recorded and available as public records. Corporations can also be filed without listing shareholders, directors or officers on the public record if you were to make use of a third party incorporation service. Get Started.

Many individuals use LLCs to protect their assets from lawsuits. Delaware LLCs provide better asset protection because it is one of the few states that only allows a charging order as the sole remedy for collecting debt from LLCs. Get Started.

For a new company looking to attract outside investments from angels, venture capitalists, and private equity firms, incorporating in Delaware will offer a better environment for raising capital. Investors prefer, and sometimes require, that your company is domesticated in Delaware due to the state's business-friendly laws. Additionally, investors normally have a better understanding of and are more comfortable with the Delaware legal system. Get Started.

Delaware has a well established and highly respected Court of Chancery that focuses on resolving corporate disputes. The Court of Chancery is a non-trial court that focuses solely on businesses and examines issues involving real property and commercial litigation. It consists of only judges and no juries. The Court of Chancery allows business issues to be resolved quickly by a judge who specializes in corporate law and has expertise in resolving complex corporate disputes. Get Started.

If you reside on the east coast, our Delaware location will be cheaper to forward mail and packages to the east coast states. Take advantage of competitive shipping prices as a result of our high-volume discounts for affordable shipping prices. Choose to have mail and packages combined and shipped as one bundle. Bundled shipping usually lowers the cost. Get Started.

With no sales tax imposed on purchases, you can buy products at a cheaper rate. Depending on where you live, this can potentially save you up to 10%. Get Started.



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