With our Delaware location, you will have a commercial office with a commercial business address. Our location is not a PO Box, which is only offered and available through the U.S. Postal Service. This is useful for online or home-based businesses who need a physical address for an LLC or corporation. The Delaware location comes with other great benefits as well.

1. East Coast Location

You will get cheaper and faster shipping to east coast addresses as well as to European countries.If you reside on the east coast, our Delaware location will be cheaper for mail forwarding and package forwarding to other residing east coast states. It will also take less time to deliver your mail and packages due to the proximity. Additionally, you can choose to have mail and packages combined and shipped as one bundle. Bundled shipping usually lowers the cost.

2. No Sales Tax

With no sales tax imposed on purchases, you can buy products at a cheaper rate. Depending on where you live, this can potentially save you up to 10% or more in purchases and is ideal for online shopping.

3. Free Delaware Registered Agent Service

VirtualPostMail Registered Agent Service is included for FREE with our virtual mailbox service. Our registered agent service satisfies the state requirement for any LLC or corporation to designate a registered agent for accepting legal documents and processing.

There is no limit to the number of businesses you can register with us, so you will see huge savings if you have multiple business entities.

Also, unlike traditional registered agents, you won't need to wait for served documents to be shipped to you. We offer same-day access to all legally served documents, leading to more time for your legal counsel to review content and next steps. These real-time notifications can save precious time by enabling you to consult with legal and respond in a timely manner.

4. Access to World Class Customer Service

Guided by our company values, our stellar customer support team is devoted to helping you address any kind of issues and/or concerns with the ultimate respect and efficiency. Our customer support team boasts a number of “best-in-industry” records.

  • The best-in-industry support team with 98% customer happiness score.
  • The best-in-industry average 1st response time of 1 hour 56 minutes.
  • The best-in-industry average 1st response resolution rate of 75%.

5. Other Awesome Mail Services

By outsourcing your mail needs to VirtualPostMail, you will free up time for billable activities and can focus on what really matters in your business.

Mail Scanning - VirtualPostMail digitizes all your business mail, saving time on tedious tasks and helps to streamline your document workflow. All mail scans are professionally processed and reviewed for consistent quality. We use advanced commercial high-resolution scanners to deliver scans in PDF with full-text search enabled. That means faster delivery of your mail scans to meet our promised turnaround time to you, higher quality scans, and you can search, sort, and manage your physical mail just like email.

Shipping - Receive packages from all couriers including FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Have peace of mind knowing that there is someone here to accept and securely store your package for you, not left out on the porch. Incoming packages are available in your account the same day they are received. All shipment requests are processed and shipped out within 1 business day.

Check Deposit Service - You can deposit your checks anytime and in any place. It is that easy. VirtualPostMail supports all banks that allow mail-in deposits.

FAQ: What You Have Asked The Most

1. Can I manage all my mailboxes under one single login?

While you are welcome to sign-up for multiple accounts, it is currently not possible for them to be managed under one login. We are planning to add multi-user support as well as consolidate mailbox management in the future.

2. Can I move or switch my account to the new location?

You can obtain an address at the new location, but in order to do so, you will need to go through the signup process and open up a new address with us at that new location. Once you do so, should you wish to close any existing accounts, let us know so we can assist you in closing them. Remember that each location operates independently and processes mail on-site at the location. For this reason, we cannot transfer or internally forward mail from one location to another. You will also need to make arrangements with your mailers so you can start utilizing the new mailbox address instead of continuing forward with the old address you plan to close. For details regarding this, please follow this link to our FAQ: Can I change my address from one location to another?

3. Do I need to submit a notarized Form 1583 if I have an existing account with you?

If you are an existing customer or were a customer with us within the past 12 months, we would be happy to waive the notarization requirement upon receiving your Form 1583 and two IDs for the new account. When submitting your documents, please make sure to reference your current or past account information.