Physical business address for $200 / month*

Get a lease agreement and optional utility bill to help you open and set up a business bank account, Amazon Store, or Shopify Payments. Addresses available in Delaware, Florida, and California.

* Annual contract required, 30-day money back guarantee.**


With one plan, you get two addresses

Use your leased address for proof of address. For all other purposes, use your mailbox address.


Leased Address

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    1 physical business address

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    1 lease agreement

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    1 tenant on lease

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    Phone verification

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    In-person site visit verification

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    Basic mail receiving

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    Mailbox Address

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    1 mailbox address at any location

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    Unlimited free mail / month

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    150 free scans / month

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    5 free recipients

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    $3 extra recipients / recipient / month

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    Check depositing

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    Package forwarding

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    Free registered agent

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    All other virtual mailbox features

  • Available Physical Addresses

    You can choose from the physical addresses available in the following states. The exact address is not disclosed until you sign up and submit all required documents.

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    Utility Bill Add-On - $300 / bill

    Get a utility bill to use for additional proof of physical address. The bill will be under the lessor’s name and is guaranteed to be effective for 3 months from the date it is billed.

    Additional Joint Tenants - $50 / tenant / month

    Your lease agreement includes one business entity. If you wish to add additional entities to the same lease agreement, as joint tenants, we can do so for a lesser monthly fee for each extra tenant.

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    Common Services Requiring Proof of Physical Address


    Business bank account


    Amazon stores


    Shopify payments


    Merchant accounts


    Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS)




    TruLease Pricing FAQs