Frequently Asked Questions For Partners

Looking for answers to your questions about VPM's affiliate program? See how to get the most of your marketing efforts.

Partner Program

Q: Do you offer discount codes for partners?

Discount codes are not available at this time. However, the VPM marketing team can assist you by developing dedicated landing pages and promotional campaigns tailored to your specific audience and requirements.

If you are interested in acquiring a discount code, please let the affiliate manager know so that they can arrange for its development in the future.

Q: What is the commission structure for referrals?

For each eligible account you refer, you will receive 100% of the first month's subscription fee.

To be eligible, referred accounts must remain active for a minimum of 30 days. They also need to fulfill verification requirements, including submitting Form 1583 for virtual mailbox. TruResidence requires identity verification. TruLease must have a fully executed lease agreement.

Q: Is revenue sharing available through your affiliate program?

If you are a high performing partner, revenue sharing is available. For more information, please reach out to [email protected] or to the partnership manager directly.

Q: Will I increase my earnings if my referral chooses to upgrade?

Unfortunately, your commission applies only to the first month's subscription.

Q: How are my referrals tracked?

Your referrals are tracked through the unique link that you share with your audience. Once someone you refer becomes a customer that meets the above criteria, your payout will appear in your portal.

Q: When do I get paid?

If your referral meets the program criteria, you’ll be paid monthly.

Q: How do I sign up for the affiliate program?

To sign up for the affiliate program, you’ll first need to create an account. After your account is approved, you can log into your dashboard to access your unique referral link. Use this link for all new referrals and start getting paid your way!

Virtual Mailbox Addresses

Q: What is a VPM virtual mailbox?

A VPM virtual mailbox is tailored for remote mail management, offering customers the flexibility to handle mail, deposit checks, and forward packages from anywhere in the world.

More specifically, a VPM virtual mailbox can be used for:

  • Establishing a permanent U.S. address
  • Digitizing mail, allowing for convenient and reliable mail management, organization, and automation
  • Depositing customer checks conveniently, eliminating the need to visit a bank
  • Forwarding mail and packages anywhere in the world at an affordable price
  • Facilitating LLC and corporate formation processes
  • Mailing and business communications

Q: What are the benefits of a VPM virtual mailbox?

A VPM virtual mailbox comes with a number of perks, including:

  • Fast processing: Requests are handled promptly, with processing typically completed within one business day.
  • Universal acceptance: Mail and packages from all major couriers (USPS, UPS, and FedEx) are accepted, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Cost savings: Enjoy significant savings of $100 or more annually with complimentary registered agent services available at all locations.
  • Extensive features: Access unlimited digital storage, OCR'ed PDF files, and high-quality 200 DPI color scans.
  • Risk-free trial: Rest assured with a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no contracts, setup fees, or cancellation charges.
  • Top security: All VPM virtual mailboxes are SOC-2 certified, HIPAA compliant, and offer the option to sign a BAA. The infrastructure is also housed on AWS, which is SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant.

Q: What are the drawbacks of a VPM virtual mailbox?

Currently, virtual business addresses are limited to California, Nevada, Delaware, Florida, and Texas. Although the website is optimized for mobile use, there is no dedicated mobile application available.

Q: Is a VPM virtual mailbox designed for business or personal use?

VPM virtual mailboxes are intended for both business and personal use. You can learn more about the product and what’s included with it here.

TruLease Addresses

Q: What is TruLease?

TruLease is a service that provides customers with a U.S. physical address to open and maintain the following:

  • Business bank accounts
  • Amazon stores
  • Shopify payments
  • Merchant accounts
  • Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS)
  • CAGE

Q: Does a lease agreement come with TruLease?

Yes! TruLease requires customers to sign a one-year contract. Although there are certain conditions that may permit cancellation, the plan mandates a minimum commitment of one year. The contract must be renewed for as long as the leased address remains associated with any financial institution or vendor. Additionally, the lease agreement must be fully executed for you to receive your referral commission.

Q: Will I receive a utility bill with TruLease?

After registering for TruLease and the completion of the lease agreement, customers can request an optional utility bill if they need it.

Utility bills are useful for opening Amazon Stores or providing additional proof of address in situations that may call for it. It's important to understand that these utility bills are linked to the specific physical leased address assigned and are issued under the lessor's name.

Q: Is it possible to request a utility bill separately?

Customers must sign the lease agreement to lease an office before they can make use of the utility bill.

Q: Is TruLease designed for business or personal use?

TruLease is exclusively designed for business use and is not intended for personal use. To qualify for TruLease, customers must have a company registered in the United States, as one of the prerequisites involves submitting company formation documents. You can see the requirements here.

Q: Why is TruLease bundled with a virtual mailbox?

TruLease provides customers with a physical address that can be used to open business bank and merchant accounts. Similar to leasing an address the traditional way, it comes with a lease agreement and optional utility bill to present as proof of address.

A virtual mailbox allows your customers to use a separate mailing address, along with its convenient features. However, it does not come with any proof of address documents.

This bundled approach provides a one-stop solution, making it easier for business owners to manage both their physical and virtual address requirements.

Q: What is your TruLease cancellation policy?

VPM offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for TruLease. If, within the initial 30-day period of creating your account, your lease agreement is not accepted as a valid proof of address, you will receive a full refund, and your lease agreement will be canceled without penalty. Certain restrictions apply.

TruResidence Addresses

Q: What is TruResidence?

TruResidence is VPM’s luxury address service that provides customers with a prestigious U.S. residential address. It can be used for personal needs like receiving and managing mail, filing taxes, and maintaining accounts, credit cards, and state driver licenses.

Q: Does a lease agreement come with TruResidence?

Customers can request a lease agreement as an add-on. It is similar to renting a residential address traditionally. Read more about pricing and conditions here.

Q: Is TruResidence designed for business or personal use?

TruResidence is strictly for personal use only.

Address Product Differences

Q: What is the difference between a TruLease address and a VPM virtual mailbox address?

There are quite a few differences between the two types of addresses.

A TruLease address is a genuine physical U.S. address. It is not flagged as a CMRA address, like a VPM virtual mailbox address would be. It's also not associated with a registered agent office, co-working center, virtual office, private mailbox, or rented mailbox all of which are not accepted as physical addresses with financial institutions.

TruLease addresses are primarily used for proof of address purposes, since they come with a lease agreement and optional utility bill. A VPM virtual mailbox does not provide these.

A TruLease address can be used to open a financial account or other service that touches on the flow of cash, such as a bank account, merchant account (i.e. Stripe or Shopify Payments), Amazon Store, or CAGE/SAM/DUNS application. A VPM virtual mailbox is typically used to help receive and/or manage mail, as well as protect the privacy of a business owner.

To learn more about the different address features you can go to the address overview guide.

It takes about 1 week to get mail because mail is processed on a weekly basis and mailed to our processing center. Your mailbox address, on the other hand, will have mail available for you to view online within 1-business day, on average.

Q: What is the difference between a TruResidence address and a VPM virtual mailbox address?

There are a couple of major differences between a TruResidence address and VPM virtual mailbox address.

While a TruResidence address is solely for personal use, a virtual mailbox address can be used to meet both business and personal needs. That means it can be used to receive and manage any type of mail, from anywhere in the world.

However, a VPM virtual mailbox address does not offer proof of address, so it cannot be used to open or maintain personal or business bank accounts. With TruResidence, you can use your lease agreement to open and maintain personal bank accounts.

For more details you can refer to the address overview guide.

Q: What is the difference between a TruResidence address and a TruLease address?

Although both types of addresses are useful for proof of address purposes, TruLease addresses are designed for business use, while TruResidence addresses are intended for personal use.

For more information, you can refer customers to the address overview guide.