One of the primary issues facing startups and home businesses is having a separate physical address for their companies. Some of you choose to use PO Boxes, but that can create a lack of flexibility, privacy, and credibility to your business. So what is another option for a startup looking to make a big impact?

A virtual business address is an ideal solution that will provide you the best value with the benefits of having a commercial business address while working from home. It is a real physical street address that can be used for almost all of your business purposes.

What is a Virtual Business Address

A virtual business address is used to designate the place for your business “office”. Your virtual business address is the place where a person or organization can be found and communicated with by customers and vendors.

What Will I Get With A Virtual Business Address

Having a virtual business address offers many benefits for startups and at-home businesses. VirtualPostMail is the perfect solution and is more than a virtual business address. We have highlighted four benefits of our virtual mailbox service.

1. A Multifunctional Virtual Mailbox

You will have a prestigious commercial address tied to a business or commercial office. It is not a PO Box sitting inside a post office.

Can be used to receive all types of mail and packages from all couriers such as UPS and Fedex. You will not be limited to receiving mail from USPS only, like in the case of having a PO Box.

You can use your commercial address to register for LLCs and Corporations or open bank accounts.

Receive important documents, invoices, and checks from legal entities, sub-contractors and customers in one place.

Maintain a permanent channel for your vendors and customers to communicate with you. Reduce missing a payment should customers continue to mail checks to an old personal address. This helps with keeping your cash flow steady.

Did You Know? If you are using your home address as your business address and then move, your business address changes too, which can lead to missed bills from your vendors or checks from your customers. With a virtual business address it is yours to keep no matter where your life and business go.

2. Professional Business Image

Using a virtual business address will give you a professional image and will show that you are a legitimate business to your customers since the address will show up on the map as an office building. This leads to more trust and credibility with your customers to your startup.

You can use your virtual business address for online search purposes. Your virtual business address plays a critical role in building trust with prospects and customers, as well as giving you a local professional presence. A virtual business address can provide the following benefits.Listing your virtual business address on search engines will propel your business forward for customers, offers an avenue for reviews, and business growth.

Google Local and PO boxes are not allowed to double as a physical address so a business address is the best option.

A virtual address can provide a local business presence, even though you don’t do business there.

When customers see an apartment or home address on a contract, statement of work, or invoice, it gives customers a feeling of lost trust or professional presence. With a virtual business address you will get a professional address format as seen below. You can enjoy the benefits of a commercially recognized business address without the added overhead costs in running a business.

Your address will look more professional and look like the following format:

My New Startup
1400 Market St #100
Las Vegas, NV 00000

You can use this virtual business address for your company letterhead, checks, and other correspondences. Beyond printed material, you can also use it for email signage, email CAN-SPAM compliance, and contact address on your company website.

3. Maintain Privacy For Your Home Address

Many startup owners use their home address for business correspondence, which sacrifices personal privacy. With a virtual business address, you will get a commercial address that will ensure that your business stays separate from your personal life even if you run your business from home.

With a VirtualPostMail account, you get a commercial address that will assure your anonymity. Our virtual business addresses offer full privacy for the following.

  • Keep your home address off public and state registration websites by using a virtual business address.
  • Protect your family and privacy by having a separate virtual business address.
  • Opening bank or merchant accounts.
  • Registering your business domain name.
  • Opening accounts with your suppliers and vendors.
  • Receiving statements, invoices, payments, and bills.
  • Filing for legal contracts, licenses, and permits.
  • Communicating with your customers.

4. Document Management Solution

Speed is important in business. Other companies can take up to one week to get you your mail. At VirtualPostMail, all new incoming mail is processed and immediately available within 1 business day.

You can choose to have your business mail delivered to your virtual business address. All mail, letters, and packages are scanned as they are received, then images are uploaded to your virtual mailbox. You can choose which mail and packages you want to be forwarded to yourself, stored at our facility, or shredded if it is not important.

Manage time sensitive mail fast and easy. Immediately view the content of a mail scanned document. Review important mail scan pieces to address quickly from anywhere all in one place.

  • Save time managing your mail with the ability to quickly and easily search through PDF scans using OCR technology.
  • Store digital mail documents for future reference or for tax purposes.
  • No need to sift through years of paper just to find what you need.
  • Streamline workflow and automate tedious administrative tasks when it comes to snail mail and package delivery.
  • Simplify mail processing by centralizing all your mail in one single location without having to deal with mail being sent to multiple offices or people.
  • Expedite mail-in check deposits as soon as the checks are received without delay.
  • Best of all, save yourself the time to have to drive or head to a mailbox store to check your mail. You can see and manage your mail from anywhere.

Why Should I Get A Virtual Business Address

A virtual business address is an affordable option for startups and home based businesses that will offer full flexibility, privacy, and credibility so you can focus on higher-value business activities.

With VirtualPostMail, you will get a multifunctional virtual mailbox that includes a commercial address for getting a professional business image, maintaining privacy of a home address, and will save you time on tedious activities, such as scanning documents offering a full document management solutions.