Get a Physical Address to Open U.S. Business Bank Accounts

The U.S. federal banking regulations require all bank accounts to have a registered real physical address. This makes it very difficult for online or international businesses to set up banking and payment processing here in the United States. VirtualPostMail now offers an easy way for you to obtain a true physical address along with supporting services to ensure that it complies with regulations year after year.

What You Get With TruLease

The TruLease Plan comes bundled with the following services for your business:
Virtual Mailbox

You will get a mailbox address that is linked to one of our locations, as well as a virtual mailbox. This includes mail scanning, package forwarding, check depositing and unlimited digital document storage. You can pick any mailbox location that is convenient for you. Learn more.

Lease Agreement

The TruLease plan includes a legal lease agreement to show as proof of address. A one-year contract term is required, and at this time, only one lease agreement can be attached to each account.

Leased Address

You’ll be provided a separate business address as indicated on the lease agreement. Since this location is a real physical space, the address will be different from your mailbox address. The purpose of this address is to help you stay compliant; it is not meant for normal mail receiving use.

Optional Utility Bill

Get a utility bill add-on in the event that a bank or service provider needs further proof of a physical address. With the add-on, you’ll receive a utility bill in the lessor’s name along with the service address shown on the bill to prove the physical address exists.

Phone / In-Person Verification

If a bank, payment processing, or any other financial institution representative were to make an on-site visit or call to verify your business address, our customer support will be available to confirm your leased space.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ll be supplied with proper documentation required to satisfy the requirements to open a business bank account. Should the lease agreement not be acceptable as a valid proof of address within the first 30 days of signing the lease agreement, you’ll be refunded 100% of your money and the lease agreement will be cancelled without penalty. Certain restrictions apply. Please read the FAQ section for more information.

TruLease Plan Requirements

In order to make use of this specific service, you must satisfy the following:
  • The business EIN to authenticate the entity’s existence.
  • A copy of your business incorporation documents or LLC Operating Agreement.
  • Submit a notarized USPS Form 1583 for opening a virtual mailbox account. Two IDs must accompany your form, one of which must have a photograph.
  • The individual opening the account must be an authorized officer of the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I get one or two addresses?
    TruLease comes bundled with 2 addresses -- a mailbox address and a leased address. The leased address is used in places where proof of physical business address is needed. The mailbox address will be your permanent mailbox address, which you will pick when you sign up. This address will be your main address for everything else other than proof of address.
  2. How long does it take to get the lease drafted?
    It takes 1-2 business days to prepare the lease agreement and have it executed.
  3. Do most banks require you to be there in-person to open a business bank account?
    While most banks will allow you to start the process of opening a new bank account online, many require you to sign the final paperwork in person. This is simple for those who live in the United States, but difficult for international businesses to do. An alternative would be to enlist a U.S. based authorized agent or manager for the company to solely act as the signer for the company to open bank accounts.
  4. Can I use this plan to open a merchant account to accept credit card payments?
    You can use this to open merchant accounts so you can accept credit card payments. However, some merchant service providers are more strict than others and may request more than just a lease agreement as proof of physical address. In this situation, we recommend you look at other merchant services. There are thousands of them out there, so it's not difficult to find one that is more accommodating.
  5. What if the financial institution rejects my application?
    Contact customer support, where the team will work with the financial institution to satisfy the requirements for a proof of physical address. However, all banks are different and requirements will vary with each bank. Some are very strict, while others are more accommodating. Therefore, it’s recommended you make a list of banks you would like to work with so that you are prepared in case a bank does not allow you to open an account with them.
  6. Can I receive mail at the leased address?
    You can receive mail at the leased address, but it doesn’t come with virtual mailbox features such as mail scanning or forwarding.  Any mail received at the leased address will be periodically forwarded to your mailbox address so you can view it online.  Mail may take up to 2 weeks for it to show up in your virtual mailbox.  Packages received may incur additional forwarding charges.  We highly recommend that you only use the address for proof of address purposes only.  For everything else, you should use your virtual mailbox address.
  7. Can I get a utility bill under my business name?
    No, you cannot get the utility bill under your business name. In most cases, this is not required.  There are many leased offices where utilities are fully paid by the building owner.  What most vendors are looking for is that the business address physically exists.  Therefore, a utility bill does not necessarily need to be under your business name.  However, every vendor has different requirements, so it’s not always the case.