You’re ready to form your single-member LLC, and you’ve chosen to do it all on your own. Smart choice! Although the LLC formation process may seem a little intimidating at first, it’s pretty simple once you break it down.

Did you know that VirtualPostMail (VPM) can make the process even easier and more cost-efficient for you? When you sign up for a virtual mailbox, you’ll get a commercial business address that’ll protect your privacy as well as free registered agent services. As an added bonus, you’ll also have the option to obtain proof of address to open a business bank account. That’s right – VPM’s convenient and flexible services can help you get your LLC up and running in no time!

Ready to get started? Great! But first, here are 3 ways VPM can help you through the LLC formation process.

1. Get A Permanent Business Address That Stays Long Term

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when forming an LLC is which business address to use. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but choosing the wrong type of address can have major repercussions for your LLC.

If you care about protecting your privacy, you’ll want to avoid using your home address. Though it’s the easiest and most affordable option (i.e. it’s free), listing your home address on paperwork can take away your peace of mind. When you file your LLC with the state, your information becomes public knowledge. This means that customers and even strangers can find out where you live with a quick online search.

Imagine yourself at home, working on a project . You grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen, and as you head back to your desk, you hear someone yelling at your front door. You check your camera, and to your surprise, it’s an angry customer demanding a refund. You can avoid this terrifying situation by never using your home address as your business address. Your home is your sanctuary – be sure to treat it as such!

You won’t be able to use a PO box either, since it is not an acceptable business address when filing your Certificate of Formation or Articles of Organization. So, what should you use as you business address for your LLC?

Need a Commercial Mailing Address? Get One With VPM!

When you sign up for a VPM virtual mailbox, you’ll get a U.S. based business address that you can use when forming your LLC. It’ll safeguard your privacy, so you won’t have to worry about your home address being out in the world for prying eyes to find. Use your VPM business address instead.

Your new commercial business address will be attached to a building in a prestigious location, giving your remote business a more professional look and feel to your customers as they will see a commercial office building when they search your LLC online. And because it’s a permanent address, your business address will always stay the same, regardless of your location.

You’ll also get to enjoy 24/7 digital access to your mail and packages, convenient services like mail scanning, check depositing, mail and package forwarding, and FREE registered agent services (more on this perk next) for as long as you’re a customer.

2. Receive FREE Registered Agent Services

You’ll be required to list a registered agent for your LLC, regardless of which state you decide to incorporate in. Your registered agent needs to be available during business hours to accept service of process, tax-related items, and other legal documentation on behalf of your LLC.

Although you can act as your own registered agent, there are several reasons why you should NOT. These include:

  • Your privacy will be compromised – as your own registered agent, you’ll need to list your home address on paperwork. This becomes public information by default, so this creates a major privacy risk for you. Imagine angry customers (or worse, stalkers) showing up at your front door unannounced!
  • The hours are inconvenient – you’ll be required to be available during business hours, so this is not a good option if you travel for business or leisure often. For example, even something as simple as driving across town for a sales meeting can cause you to miss a service of process delivery and risk your compliance.

Not sure if this will work for you? No worries – VPM offers free registered agent services with select virtual mailbox plans. This will be your most convenient option.

When you sign up for VPM’s registered agent service, you’ll be able to use your registered agent’s address to protect your home address. Your privacy will remain protected for as long as you decide to use this service. Plus, you’ll get same-day access to important legal documents (most traditional registered agent services are still processed and delivered via snail mail).

3. Acquire a Physical Address to Open Your Business Bank Account

Once you’ve finished forming your LLC, you’ll need to open a business bank account. Don’t skip this step – it’s important! Without the separation of your business and personal assets, you can be held liable for any lawsuits or debts that your business may face in the future. Think about your dream home, the one you’ve spent years renovating and making into the perfect humble abode. If you don’t make an effort to protect your personal and business assets, it could be gone in a flash.

U.S. federal banking regulations require all bank accounts to have a registered physical address. You may also be asked to provide proof of address, which means that you have some way of verifying that you operate out of the physical address listed.

Not sure which types of addresses are acceptable for opening a business bank account? If your physical address is attached to a tangible building (like a home address or commercial office), you can use it. But that means PO boxes, mailbox addresses, and registered agent addresses are out.

Fortunate for you, there’s a better way to obtain proof of address for your business bank account – and that’s through TruLease.

TruLease: Get Proof of Address for Your Remote Business

What is TruLease and how does it work, exactly? It’s simple: VPM partners with several commercial office buildings. Once you are assigned a physical office in the location of your choosing, you’ll sign a lease that shows you are leasing the space. From there, you can request an optional utility bill that will show the address of your office if needed.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Today!

VPM can help make the LLC formation process even easier for your remote business. In addition to providing you with a permanent business address that can be used for paperwork and communications, VPM’s services can get you proof of address as well as a free registered agent to accept service of process and other legal documents for your business.