Are you planning to form an LLC and aren’t sure where to start? Before you dive in, there are two important things that you will need for your LLC: a business address and registered agent. Below is a quick review of each.

Now, what is a business address? Let’s clear up one thing - getting a separate business address isn’t a requirement. You can use your home address, but it’s not advised because it risks your private information and personal safety to the public. The reason being it’s your official place of business and will be used for public purposes including your business website, customer and client communications, and registration forms.

What is a registered agent? This is a requirement to operate your LLC. Your registered agent is responsible for receiving service of process and legal documents on behalf of your LLC. You can think of them as the point of contact between your LLC and the Secretary of State. It is the registered agent’s responsibility to notify the business when involved in a lawsuit.

There are many services out there that provide access to a separate business address, registered agent, or both. Not sure which service to choose? This article will explore two services that are strong contenders: Northwest Registered Agent and VirtualPostMail.

What is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent’s core offer is registered agent services in every state for formation of your LLC or corporation. You’ll get privacy protection by using the address on public documents like your Articles of Organization and annual reports versus using your home address.

With Northwest Registered Agent you’ll get all service of process and communication from the Secretary of State scanned into your online account. However, any regular mail will not be scanned, you’ll need a separate mailbox service (more on this below).

Northwest Registered Agent does offer mail forwarding services for $40 per month, and you’ll get your own address and suite number. You can choose to either have all of your mail opened and scanned to your account, or you can choose to have all of your mail forwarded to you.

Now that you know what Northwest Registered Agent does, it’s time to learn about VirtualPostMail (VPM).

What is VirtualPostMail?

VPM is a virtual mailbox service that offers similar elements that Northwest Registered Agent does to help you form your LLC or corporation. VPM includes registered agent, business address, and mailing services. You can also use the VPM registered agent service to protect your privacy instead of your home address plus get same day access to service of process and communication from the Secretary of State.

One MAJOR difference is that with VPM, you can get FREE registered agent services as long as you have a virtual mailbox whereas with Northwest Registered Agent, you will have to pay after the first year (which is free).

With VPM, you can also receive a business address in addition to extensive mailing services beyond mail forwarding such as mail scanning, recycling, digital record keeping, automation, shipping, and check depositing to truly have it all under one platform for all legal, business, and personal mail management. And all online from any device!

Got your interest? Continue reading to learn more about how each compares.

How VirtualPostMail Compares to Northwest Registered Agent

VPM and Northwest Registered Agent offer similar services and benefits for your business, but here’s how the two companies compare.

Mail Scanning

VPM offers 10-150 free mail scans based on the plan you choose, while Northwest Registered Agent offers 5 free mail scans per year with regular mail and then it is $15 per document after that. With VPM, you’ll get an array of options in which you can customize a plan that fits your mailing and business needs.

Check Depositing

Deposit your checks remotely as soon as you receive them in the mail. That means you’ll won't have to physically step foot in a bank again! VPM’s check depositing service allows you to remotely scan your checks, which will then be deposited to your specified bank on your behalf. Not only will VPM help you save time from managing your legal documents, but you will also be able to get paid by customers fast and from anywhere! Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer this service.

Package Forwarding

Package forwarding is another service that you can enjoy with VPM. If you ever plan to receive or ship packages for business or personal use, VPM is the way to go. You can enjoy fast processing and affordable shipping options, including the options to combine packages for savings, schedule forwarding dates, and add insurance. Additionally, VPM accepts all couriers, so no matter who is shipping your package, you are guaranteed to receive it. Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t have shipping services available, only mail forwarding options with current plans.

Conclusion: Choosing Between Northwest Registered Agent and VirtualPostMail

If you’re looking for guidance on how to start a business, both companies offer guides on how to form your LLC. Do you value your safety and privacy? Both Northwest Registered Agent and VPM are secure. VPM has a 98% customer satisfaction score, and Northwest Registered Agent is known for the responsive customer service as well, so you can rest assured that you will have the support you need.

Much like VPM’s registered agent service, Northwest Registered Agent offers the ability for your business to stay compliant and establish operations. However, you’ll have to pay for separate mail forwarding and scanning services to receive your business and personal mail without the additional perks of shipping and check depositing.

Between the two services, you get more with VPM. You’ll get a virtual mailbox paired with FREE registered agent services, business address, and mailing services that will help you run your LLC online and remotely. Perks include automation, shipping advantages and check depositing.