You’re looking to hire an extra hand to help offload your daily or weekly business tasks. As you’re looking into hiring a virtual assistant, you’re questioning the quality of the work these virtual assistants will do. While assistants are helpful for completing tedious or repetitive tasks, it can be detrimental to your business and productivity if the completed tasks are not up to your expectation. You’ll just end up with wasted time, money, and still have to do the repetitive tasks anyways.

You need someone who will do things right without overlooking the details. Someone who will do your tasks in a quick and precise manner without hand-holding or you supervising every step of the process. A person you can trust with your personal business logins, passwords, and information. You’re also looking for consistency in delivery and execution so you have peace of mind knowing that you’ll know what to expect. Plus, that special person should have timeliness. Your work needs to be started and completed within a particular deadline. Is that too much to ask?

It’s starting to sound like a dating profile, right? Well, finding a virtual assistant kind of is!

So, who can be your perfect match?

As you know it takes an army in business, so in this case, you’ll need the right people with the right skills. Before you spend copious amounts of time and effort dedicated to the hiring process to find the right virtual assistant, consider VirtualPostMail’s (VPM) TruAssist, the remote back office team for your small businesses. Read on to find out why TruAssist provides better quality work than an outsourced virtual assistant.

How TruAssist Provides Higher Quality Work Than Outsourced Virtual Assistants

Wondering how TruAssist can bring you the quality work that your business needs? Check out the following reasons.

1. Dedicated Assistants

TruAssistants are hired to work for VPM. This means that you’ll always be at the front of the line for your needs. You’ll get your requested task assigned to team members with the right skills and experience for the job. Your tasks will also be started and completed on time and within your deadline because your task will always be a priority.

Another level of dedicated quality is that you’ll get a dedicated task manager. Your tasks are first reviewed by the manager, and they take it from there for you. More on this below!

2. Competency

TruAssist hires people with the proper experience and skills to do the work that the customer requires. For example, you would never get assigned someone who has no idea about accounting to do bookkeeping. Mistakes will happen if the work is done that way. VPM will assign tasks to the right person who has the skills and experience to do the work in the most effective manner to produce the expected results.

Another layer is that VPM can control the quality of work output because you’ll get a dedicated task manager to oversee the quality assurance. Task managers are the direct point of contact for our customers. Tasks are first reviewed by the task managers. These managers will determine the skills and experience required to complete the work and then assign the tasks to the appropriate individual. Task managers will also review the work quality at the end before it is returned back to you, thereby ensuring quality standards are met. VPM manages the QA so that you as the customer don't have to.

3. Consistency

VPM’s TruAssist team will consist of internal hires, which means you do not get outsourced assistants. These team members are trained to improve their individual skills and experience, but also to ensure that everyone is performing the same type of work in the same manner. By doing so, the work output from TruAssistants is consistent for you, no matter who is completing the task.

Bonus, with TruAssist, you will always have consistent task processing. You get faster request processing because TruAssistants are dedicated to and only work for VPM, where there is a deeper level of understanding of your needs and project scope. This also means that your tasks will be done with the level of quality that you expect.

By having this consistency, you will always know what to expect in terms of work output and quality. There will be no uncertainty when it comes to the tasks that are to be done by TruAssistants. VPM’s team is trained to produce the same level of quality for every task that is completed based on a defined set of steps. This will allow your business to continue its flow and maintain a steady rhythm as you continue to grow and succeed. You can feel assured that

4. Timeliness

Think about your month-end responsibilities. You need to dot your I’s and cross your T’s to make sure everything is correct on budget and all of your taxes are filed. This is crucial to continue successful business operations for the next month. Now, what would happen to your business if you fell behind on those responsibilities? BIG headache.

When you submit a task request, you have an expectation that it will be done by a certain time. Work needs to be started and completed within a particular deadline. If the tasks you want completed are delayed, and there are no updates or communication, then you will have to deal with the stress of not knowing what’s happening on the other end.

With TruAssist, task managers assign work to the right person who is available and has the expertise to do the work. This may not always be the same person. In this way, tasks can be completed sooner. Compare this to just working with an outsourced virtual assistant who is working for multiple clients and needs to prioritize whose tasks are completed first. Or what if the virtual assistant is sick or on vacation? Or what if the virtual assistant no longer wants to work with you as a client or you no longer want them as your assistant? Tasks will be delayed since there are no backups who can do the work.

However, TruAssist overrides all of those ‘what-ifs’. No matter what happens, TruAssist will keep your task needs at the utmost priority, even if one of the team members has to take a sick day or leaves for vacation. Because VPM has a team of TruAssistants, there is always backup to fill in for any unexpected circumstances. Thus, your tasks will always be completed by the deadline you set and your business flow is not interrupted.

Ready for Your Team of High-Quality TruAssistants?

Don’t get me wrong, virtual assistants are helpful if you find “the one”. However, finding your perfect match is rare and takes a lot of time and effort to find. You’ll have to kiss many “frogs” and still might never get close.

With TruAssist, you can have the confidence to offload your tedious, repetitive tasks to a team and trust the work will be high quality, so that you can focus on higher-level parts of your business.

The TruAssist team consists of dedicated assistants who have the skills and experience necessary to do a top-quality job. Combine that with VPM’s task management that oversees quality assurance and ensures consistency and timeliness of all completed tasks, you have yourself a high-quality team of assistants that no outsourced virtual assistant can match.