You have a to-do list that spans a mile long, a limited amount of time to get things done, and lack the resources needed to hit the ground running and achieve your business goals. You want to hire a virtual assistant to help lessen your workload, but aren’t sure where to begin.

You’re in luck! With TruAssist, you’ll get an entire remote back office to take care of your operational business tasks. But what makes TruAssist the best choice when it comes to hiring outside help?

All of VirtualPostMail’s (VPM) TruAssistants are U.S. based, so you won't run into language or timezone issues. Each TruAssistant is an employee of VPM and trained during the onboarding process, which means you won’t have to waste precious time hiring and training new employees. And because your TruAssistant will be focused on you and your business’s needs, you’re guaranteed high-quality results every single time.

If you’re tired of spending hours on administrative tasks and dealing with the stresses of hiring a virtual assistant, TruAssist may be the perfect fit for you. In this article, you’ll learn how TruAssist can help benefit your remote business and make your life easier.

Save Valuable Time So You Can Focus On What Matters Most

What if you didn't have to worry about tedious operational tasks again? Delegating your most time-consuming tasks allows you to streamline your operations and start seeing the results you desire. When you allocate tasks to a qualified virtual assistant, you’re able to spend time focusing on bigger priorities, like increasing your sales, marketing initiatives, and productivity. But not all virtual assistants are the same!

When you hire a virtual assistant through a company like Upwork, for example, you’ll have to spend time recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding this person, in addition to managing your current workload. This can be overwhelming, especially if you’re already having a busy day or week. If your virtual assistant doesn’t work out, you’ll have to start this time-consuming process all over again. On top of that, you still have a huge mountain of work that needs to be completed.

How can you be sure TruAssist is a good fit for you? TruAssist takes the stress out of hiring extra help since all you’ll have to worry about is delegating a task, setting expectations, and providing a deadline. TruAssistants are trained internally and possess the high level skills needed to tackle tasks supported by our TruAssist service. Rid yourself of the burden of hiring and training new employees so you can dedicate your efforts to what matters most: growing your remote business.

Get High-Quality Results Delivered With Every Task

One of the biggest issues with outsourcing your work to a virtual assistant is making sure quality isn’t compromised. Most of the time you won’t be the only client a virtual assistant is assigned to. This means that the quality of work is often sacrificed for speed.

With TruAssist, you’ll get an entire team that is focused on understanding your tasks, expectations, and overall needs. You can expect a quick turnaround and high-quality results because of their unwavering dedication to understanding exactly what you want. You’re not just a ticket.

How is this quality achieved? VPM’s team of TruAssistants are experienced and vetted so you can feel confident in the skills of the person assigned to complete your task. You’ll also be assigned a Task Manager who will assist you throughout the process, delegating your tasks to the right person who matches the experience and skills needed.

Let’s say your remote business needs to hire a bookkeeper that matches a set list of criteria. TruAssist can assure you that your TruAssistant will have the proper training and background necessary. If you hire an assistant through Upwork, you’ll have no way of knowing if they’re qualified, since anyone can sign up and accept work on the platform.

Before your finished results are delivered to you, your Task Manager will conduct an extensive quality check to ensure everything is up to par. The process itself is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is submit a request for assistance, set your deadline or due date, and your TruAssistants will get to work. Once your tasks have been completed and checked for quality, your Task Manager will then send you the final results along with any other necessary information.

Constant Communication Throughout the Process

It can be hard to hand over the reins when it comes to your most prized possession – your business. Add in the lack of communication that is common with many virtual assistant services and it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. At that point, you may even wonder if your time and hard-earned money are going to waste. But not with TruAssist!

How is communication executed with TruAssist? Once tasks are delegated, your Task Manager will notify you of any goals or milestones reached through your preferred medium. If something changes within your business and you have to pivot your task, you can also reach out to your Task Manager.

Since all employees are U.S. based and fluent in English, you’ll reduce any time zone or language barriers. This is a common pitfall when hiring a virtual assistant that lives overseas (which is often cheaper, but then again, you should never compromise when it comes to the quality of your work as mentioned above).

Scale Your Business by Delegating Operational Tasks

Tired of making outgoing calls or running into scheduling issues when you have a million other things to get done? Maybe you’ve even turned away clients or customers because you find it impossible to balance everything with the limited amount of time you have. TruAssist can offer an extra set of hands when it comes to a variety of business-related tasks, including:

Administrative Tasks

  • Email correspondences
  • Making outgoing calls
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Meeting minutes


  • Basic accounting data entry
  • Entering bills (A/P)
  • Issuing invoices (A/P)


  • Searching for products (business-related items only)
  • Comparing prices
  • Purchasing business and office products/supplies

One of the greatest things about TruAssist is there are no minimum payment packages or no hourly requirements, just an extra set of hands to help your remote business continue thriving.

Make Life Easier by Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Remote Business

By delegating your day-to-day business tasks to a team of TruAssistants, you can spend your time focusing on bigger priorities, like growing your business. All TruAssistants are vetted and educated on processes before receiving assignments, so you'll get high-quality results every single time. Your Task Manager will keep you informed from start to finish, making sure you are always updated – and happy with your results – every step of the way.

Time is one of your most valuable assets. Don’t let another second go to waste! If you’ve been on the fence about hiring outside help for your business, this is your sign to go for it. Join the TruAssist waitlist today to unlock your remote business’s full potential.