Your business is growing, which is both exciting and challenging. You have bigger business opportunities and issues to focus on, which means you don’t want to spend your time on tedious repetitive tasks. These tasks still need to be done, but it doesn’t mean that you should be the one spending your precious time doing them when you need to be at the helm of your business growth. You’re thinking that it’s time to outsource these repetitive tasks. However, it’s time-consuming and energy-draining to choose the right individual to do the job.

You don’t want to spend the time and money to get mediocre or disappointing results for a job/task. It’s also hard to find a trustworthy and reliable person/company to handle all of your private information. So, is there a better way to get what you need done?

Read on to learn about how VirtualPostMail’s (VPM) TruAssist allows you to offload tedious and repetitive tasks, so you can focus on higher-value work for your business.

What is TruAssist?

TruAssist is a service that provides a remote back office team to handle your repetitive tasks without any upfront commitments. TruAssist is made to offload recurring or one-off/on-demand tasks that your business requires. Below you can find a number of examples of tasks that TruAssist can help you complete on a daily or periodic basis:

  • Bookkeeping - basic accounting data entry tasks, entering bills, issue invoices
  • Website content management - website content updates, graphics design
  • Video management - video editing, posting/uploading, updating text, captioning
  • Audio management - audio editing, podcast posting, transcription
  • Social media management - posting articles on specific topics you designate on social media channels
  • Scheduling - managing calendars, schedule appointments, perform follow-ups, handle correspondences
  • Purchasing - buying supplies, coordinating shipping of supplies to different offices/employees, online shopping
  • Travel Arrangements - booking flights, hotels, and cars. Manage travel updates.
  • Any other tedious tasks you hate? We’ll give it some love.

If you find yourself bogged down with any of these time-consuming tasks, then it’s time for you to look into TruAssist.

How TruAssist Can Be Your Remote Back Office Team

Wondering how TruAssist is different from a freelance virtual assistant that you hire off of some website like Upwork or Thumbtack? Get the deets on all of your questions answered.

1. Top Quality Service

Because “TruAssistants” work for VPM as a hired employee and not as an outsourced freelancer, they are dedicated to doing the work you need to be done rather than being preoccupied with trying to get more clients or other priority projects.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

100% of the attention is on you and the tasks that you need to be completed, which means high-quality work with fewer mistakes. Your requests will be processed at a much quicker speed because the team is dedicated to doing only the work. Plus, you will be guaranteed to have individuals with the right skills and experience doing the work with extra quality assurance from VPM, so you can rely on the end result. This is all to ensure top customer satisfaction.

2. Save Time From Hiring and Training

Have you ever dealt with the headache of spending hours and months hiring and training a candidate only to have them leave or just not be the right fit? There’s no need to worry about all that with TruAssist. No need to handle payroll or paperwork. No need to worry about firing or laying off people. VPM handles all of this! Because the TruAssist team will be full hires of VPM and not outsourced, VPM has more control and the ability to invest in training and improve our employees’ skills and experience. This ensures that everyone is performing the same type of work in the same manner.

3. Consistent Communication

TruAssist takes care of staying on top of the tasks that need to be completed, so you don’t have to. Our remote back office team will make sure to follow your descriptions and the scope of the job so that your tasks are completed by the specified deadline.

By providing periodic updates for long-running tasks even when they are not yet completed, you’ll be able to stay in the loop about what’s going on and know the status of your work at any given moment. We know that these tasks, no matter how tedious or repetitive, are essential to your business’ success, so we will make sure that there is constant communication and that you are staying up to date with the progress of the work that needs to be done.

4. Get What You Pay For

With TruAssist, you’ll be charged for what you need on a per-minute basis. There are no monthly minimums that you need to pay. You won’t be billed at a higher rate and then have your task completed by someone with less experience or skills to do the work. This means that the quality of work done will match what you pay for. The expertise of the team will fit your business needs, so you know the skills fit the bill.

5. Feel Secure Knowing that Your Personal and Private Business Data is Protected

Because VPM hires a team for TruAssist, every team member will have to pass a background check before they can start working. Your data is protected using the same high-level encryption and security used to store your mail data. You won’t have to worry about sharing private passwords or access to your personal and business accounts to a random freelance assistant, so you can feel secure knowing that your data is protected.

What TruAssist Will NOT Do For You

While there are many tasks that our remote back office team can do for you, there are certain tasks that TruAssist cannot do for you.

TruAssist does not perform personal tasks because this service is focused on business-specific tasks. This means that you cannot request for your dry cleaning to be picked up or a housekeeper to come clean your home. Similarly, any task that requires physical access to products or places will not work because TruAssist is 100% remote. That unfortunately means no coffee and donut runs.

Also, no packaging, shipping, or mailing can be done with the TruAssist team because these tasks require physical stamps and supplies. You can take a look at our virtual mailbox service if you have shipping or mailing needs.

There are a few limitations to TruAssist, but if there are any remote back-office tasks you need to be done, then TruAssist is the team to rely on.

Ready For Your TruAssist Team?

If you think it’s time to take your business to the next level and offload those tedious yet necessary tasks of your business operations, then it’s time to look into TruAssist.

TruAssist will be the remote back office team that saves you the time and energy that goes into the hiring process but still completes all the work you need with high-quality results. The tasks you need to be done will meet and exceed your standards AND they will be done quickly. You won't miss a beat with consistent communication and security of data processing, while focusing on the bigger picture of your business.