TruResidence for Digital Nomads

Your trusted U.S. address for banking and financial accounts

Stay connected to your U.S. financial and personal accounts with this address service and proof of address add-on. Gain access to secure online mail management services for added convenience and peace of mind.


Obtain a reliable U.S. residential address

Many financial institutions require a U.S. home address to open and maintain bank accounts. TruResidence provides you with a reliable U.S. address attached to a high-end condominium tower, serving as your lifeline for managing personal and business finances while overseas.

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Opt for a lease agreement add-on

If you require an extra form of verification for your U.S. home address, you can request our lease agreement add-on. Additional fees apply.

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Save valuable time with online mail management

Simplify your life – and your mail – with VPM’s digital mail management platform. Store all of your important documents in one, easy-to-access place. Stay organized while you travel and benefit from automation, no matter where your adventures take you.


Where to use TruResidence as a digital nomad


Bank Accounts


Mail Management


Financial accounts


Investment accounts

Rest easy knowing your mail is protected every step of the way

All incoming mail and packages first arrive at a secure facility within the condo tower. From there, a dedicated handler swiftly transports them to the nearest VPM processing center. Upon arrival, your mail undergoes meticulous processing. After being securely stored on-site, all parcels are subjected to continuous surveillance via advanced security cameras and access control systems that operate around the clock.

Need a business address instead?

If you're looking to open an Amazon store, Shopify payments, merchant account, or operate an e-commerce business while abroad, try TruLease. All of VPM's leased commercial office spaces meet KYC regulations and include an optional utility bill for proof of address.

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TruResidence: Your Reliable U.S. Home Address Solution

TruResidence is an address service that provides you with a U.S. residential address for receiving and accessing your mail online. Use it for opening and maintaining personal and business banking, merchant, and financial accounts.

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