Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to your questions about VPM's TruAssist service? You've come to the right place!


Q: What is TruAssist?

TruAssist offers virtual assistants that acts as your back office team. The service specializes in managing recurring operational tasks that your business needs done on a periodic basis. This includes general administrative work, bookkeeping, and maintenance work.

Q: What makes TruAssist different?

Some specific differences that make TruAssist unique from other virtual assistant services are:

  • All assistants are employees of VPM. We do not outsource your work to contractors.
  • All assistants are U.S. based. We do not offshore your work to countries to play labor arbitrage.
  • HIPAA and security trained. Because assistants are employees, they go through the same rigorous security training that we place on all our people.
  • Bill by the minute. You only pay for what you use. No monthly fees and no long term contracts required.

Q: Will I be assigned the same assistant for every request?

Not necessarily. You will normally get a dedicated Task Manager who acts as your primary point of contact.

Any time a task is submitted, the Task Manager will assign the task to a team member who has the right skillsets and experience to perform that request. So if you were to submit a bookkeeping and an general admin task, those will likely go to two different task workers since they require different skills.

Recurring tasks will normally be assigned to the same task worker for higher efficiency.

Q: How do I submit a task request?

To submit a task request, please check our TruAssist support section for details.

Q: How will I communicate with my virtual assistant?

You do not communicate directly with the assistant that performs your work. Instead, all communication will go through an account manager.

Q: How fast can I expect a response should an issue arise?

If you reach out during business hours, you can normally expect a response within 2 business hours. If your request is made outside of business hours or on the weekend, you should anticipate a response by the following business day.

Q: Do TruAssistants work on weekends and holidays?

TruAssistants are hired as employees and adhere to the company's standard business operating hours between Monday and Friday, excluding holidays.

Q: Will I be able to request rush tasks?

Rush tasks will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For more information, you can email your dedicated Task Manager.

Q: I have several tasks that need to be completed regularly. How do I schedule recurring tasks?

You would submit a recurring task request with the schedule you’d like your task to be completed. An example would be everyday at 9:00AM PST or every Friday by 4:00 PST.

Recurring tasks generally will require details and procedures to be setup the first time. Your Task Manager will work with you to help define the process and get the recurring tasks setup.

Q: How do you ensure quality control of tasks?

In addition to maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process, TruAssistants are held to a high standard of training, staying up to date with current industry practices in the field, and tracking outcomes. Once each task is completed, it is reviewed to ensure accuracy and completeness.

These processes allow the ability to maintain a high level of quality control, ensuring that you receive exceptional service each and every time.

Q: How am I billed?

TruAssist is billed on a per-minute basis with no monthly minimums. Different types of work have different rates. For example, more specialized work, like bookkeeping, may have a different rate from administrative tasks.

Q: If I don’t need TruAssist anymore, can I cancel anytime?

Yes! There's no contract, so you can stop using the service at anytime. Simply stop sending tasks and cancel any recurring tasks on file.

Q: If I am not happy with your task performance, can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with the task performance, you can talk to your Task Manager. The Task Manager will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis and determine whether refunds are eligible.

Having said that, the assistants will do their best to perform the work. This does not guarantee that they will not make mistakes. After all, assistants are similar to the employees you hire. Mistakes are bound to happen. In that regard, refunds are not generally given for mistakes made. Occasionally mistakes will not get refunds, but if mistakes do happen too frequently (error percentage is higher than what's acceptable), then that's reasonable cause for refunds.

Refunds are also considered when assistants perform work that deviates greatly from the instructions given. However, instructions must be specific. For recurring tasks, this normally shouldn't be a problem since an operating procedure is likely drafted.

Issues with vague instructions will normally occur with one-off tasks. So it's important to properly communicate what task to perform and the expected outcome of the task.

Q: How can you ensure that your employees will not misuse my information/sensitive data?

Each team member must pass a comprehensive background check before they can begin working. All employees also go through HIPAA training and will handle your sensitive data with discretion.

Your data will always be stored in some encrypted storage and accessed over a secure connection using high level SSL encryption.

Q: Are there any limitations when it comes to TruAssist?

Since TruAssist focuses on business-related tasks that can be performed remotely, your TruAssistants cannot perform personal tasks or tasks that require physical presence, such as coffee runs, dry cleaning pick-ups, or housekeeping duties. However, they can assist with ordering groceries and office supplies online.

TruAssist does not include any packaging, shipping or mailing services, due to the need for physical stamps and supplies. If you require these services, you can request custom mailing services through your virtual mailbox account.